Stylish Photo Display Ideas For Your Home

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The essence of decorating a home lies in artistic values. A house is built of cement and bricks but it is made playful and warm with our personal touch. Every house is incomplete unless you add a dash of aesthetics in every corner to spread a heart-warming and cozy vibe. One of the most important displays that you should pick for your home is pictures. Pictures are simply the most personalized items showcasing memories of our unforgettable moments. We capture those moments in our hearts forever but through pictures, we can capture them in our homes, look at them every day and remember the good times.
There are so many options on how one can decorate a wall or any corner with pictures for an artful display. After all, a personal touch is what makes any house a home and there’s nothing better than pictures! Here are some creative ways to add character to your home with beautiful portraits-


A Hallway Gallery Wall

When we say Gallery wall of pictures, it means a very playful display of pictures on a blank wall in the passage hall. When somebody enters the home, it will be the first thing they will spot. Right after the door, place a bulk of neatly-framed pictures on the gallery wall in a playful order with random size frames for a funky look. As they walk through the passage, they can have a look at all your pictures. This is one of the most interesting ideas of display that you might have seen in cafes and libraries. It adds a touch of art and warmth to the house and looks very extremely attractive.

A Grid Arrangement

As the name suggests, photo frames of equal size are displayed in a grid-like arrangement. Simply take frames in even numbers like 2 or 4 and hang them adjacent to each other forming a square. Each frame can have a picture of a family member or group pictures too. You can give an aesthetic look to the display by putting up black and white pictures in contrast-colored frames. Just by displaying your pictures in a simple equilateral grid in the living room, the entire look changes. This is one of the best ideas to decorate your living room as well.

A Floor to Ceiling Arrangement
This one looks quite clear from the name itself. This is an over-the-top display of pictures where you hang them on the wall from the ceiling to the floor. So basically an entire wall is covered with your beautiful portraits. To add character to the wall, pick frames in different sizes and place them to fit perfectly with another frame. It should look like it was originally a part of the bigger frame. This sense of aesthetic will bring such a charming look to your wall and home as a whole, we bet! You can choose the wall next to the stairs and pick frames in the same color as the wall or in contrast.


A Kitchen Gallery

Just when you thought the kitchen was meant for cooking alone, we proved you wrong. Displaying your photo frames in the kitchen wall next to the bar or the mini sitting area is an absolute delight. If you can see your beautiful memories in every corner of the house, then why just place them in the living room? Decorate your family photos from different trips and occasions in the kitchen. You can also place them above the cabinets or hang them in a bottle. This is a very clever and artistic idea. Have fun remembering and talking about your memories while you eat. It looks very modern and is definitely a pick for today’s extraordinary houses.

Bulletin Board display

This is a very unique and interesting idea to display your pictures. It brings out the creative head in you. Simply pick a wooden frame in any shape and paint it in any color you want. Then tie a string or thread from one end to the other and hang your pictures with the help of a tic-tac or cloth pins. This one looks very attractive if you use a mixture of colorful and black & white pictures. Paint the frames in different colors and hang them in your drawing room to add punk.
Some of these ideas are part of the Do-it-yourself techniques because personal touch is a must for adding character to your home!

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