Decorative Mirrors For Your Home

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Mirrors are not just a practical household item; instead, they are a very pleasing accessory to decorate our homes with. Now the utility of mirrors is not just limited to the dressing room or bathroom. They have been recognized for their beauty and so, have extended horizons in the living area too. Mirrors are decorated in the living room and as a part of the gallery wall to make an impact on the guests and to create warm aesthetics. They are so versatile that even if you place a set of geometric mirrors together on the garden wall, they’ll work their charm! Decorative mirrors are a thing today and are widely used as a part of home decor. They look very pretty with ornaments and stones & brighten up the entire room instantly.

Mirrors have the ability to create an illusion of a larger space. They are stylish and versatile- what else do you need? So here we have some of the best decorative mirrors that you can use to instantly amplify the look of your home-

Spherical Mirrors

Doing justice to its name, spherical mirrors are regular mirrors but in a different shape. They are not flat, instead, they have a round-oval mix shape. It looks very unique and stylish. These kinds of mirrors are not just meant to admire your beauty. They are meant to admire the beauty of the entire room. Bouncing a beam of light on the entire room, they amp the space very well. The design and structure of these mirrors are commendable. That’s why they are used in hotel lobbies to attract attention. Looks very classy so you should definitely pick one!

Embellished Mirrors

Such mirrors are one of the most elegant styles for home decoration. They not only create contrast on the blank wall but also look very funky and chic style. Embellished means to be built with stones, beads, and ornaments. This mirror is like a piece of mirror in the center and the border is made of valuable stones. If you’re lucky, you might find an embellished mirror made of ruby, emerald, and other valuable stones. Of course, they will be very expensive but then they are also worth the look! There’s no chance it would look gaudy or over-the-top. Pick an over-sized one to create a great impression.

Vintage Mirrors

These mirrors emit a very retro vibe in the area they are placed in. A decorative vintage mirror with traditionally carved borders is your choice here! Look for intricate details when it comes to antique mirrors. With minute details on the borderline, they look very aesthetic and classy. You can pick them in vintage material like brass, rot-iron, and wood for the best feel. It is very versatile and can be hanged at the entrance or even placed in the bathroom for a royal feel. This kind of mirror reminds us of ancient times, so it is always good to add such pieces to your home decor.

Mosaic Mirror

Mosaic style is quite famous in flooring and tiles because of its unique features. Mosaic is usually made from pieces of stones, pebbles, and glass. Color is no limit here and you will spot them in all the different colors possible. This is because they are meant to create a contrast in the room with their extraordinary features. It looks like a ‘best out of waste’ thing. Mosaic mirrors are very delicate as they are handcrafted. It is also one of the best DIY methods to add a personal touch to your space. Look for your old bracelets which you don’t need anymore. Withdraw all the possible beads from it, pick a mirror and do this thing!

Silverware Mirrors

Silverware mirrors are nothing but too much silver. They look great on tabletops and on the gallery wall. With a big mirror in the center and small pieces of glass on the border with silver strings in between, it looks too much silver. They are made in specialized frames to look top-notch and are not meant for display in a casual area. You should place them in areas with maximum foot traffic like the living area. These ones come with beveled glass with very little frame visibility. There’s not much color choice because of the silver aspect.

Pick these mirrors for display in different areas of your home and make your house an aesthetically warm place to live in!


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