Fancy Clocks For Your Indoor Space

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Accessories of any kind have the ability to revamp our indoor as well as outdoor space. There is so much we can do to alter the look of our homes and accessories play a key role in it. Wall clocks have their own charm in adding elegance to our living area space. They are not just a means of displaying time all day but a very important decorative item. With so many sizes and shapes, designs, and looks, clocks have given a new definition to home decor horizons. If you enter any home store in a mall, you will see tons of clocks either hanging or placed on a desk. The decision is at your end to pick the right one that suits the theme of your house. You can pick vintage styles, embellished designs, vintage clocks or even get the personalized ones. They are extremely versatile and are one of the best buys to revamp your blank wall.

Here we have listed some designs in clocks that might appeal to you. Have your pick!

Antique Clocks

As the name suggests, antique clocks have a very vintage feel to them. They will instantly remind you of olden days and add a retro look to your space. Antiques in any form are the new cool and are a must-have for any home. They are so eye-catching that one cannot resist buying them right away. Vintage designs in this category are the bestselling ones. They can be London-style clocks, railway station design with roman numbers, wooden frames and even handcrafted clocks. For an absolute vintage feel, wooden, brass or rot iron material is used. It looks gorgeous for our living area and even in the bedroom.

Embellished Clocks

Embellished clocks are very attractive and decorative in appearance. They give a 3D look as various stones or beads are engraved on them. Such clocks look like they have been tailored by a professional designer because they are very delicate and expensive. The base used is gold and brass mostly to give a very high-class look. You can match such decorative clocks with your bedroom and living room theme and then buy accordingly. Available in many colors and shapes, these are one of the most classy items for your home.

Ethnic Clocks

Now, what has ethnicity to do with clocks? Yes, it does. Clocks are not just limited to a piece of wood or iron displaying time, they come in many designs! Ethnic designs relate to the handmade or hand-painted clocks that are either embossed or handcrafted with thread and cloth material. It adds a very traditional touch to the home. A piece of printed or embroidered cloth is delicately threaded on the border to define a certain period of time. It can be dramatic like old Egyptian days or modern prints like British accents. The carving is very intricate and there are numerous shapes to choose from!

Modish Artistic Clocks

Modish clocks feature a very unique design in different shapes and sizes unlike those traditional square or round ones. They are non-symmetrical and add a contrast to the overall theme. We mentioned artistic because you should pick something with a hint of art in the background. Such clocks come in bright colors to revamp the look of the wall. When you have the option to add art to every little piece, then why not? Pick yourself a nice clock with splashy background colors for the perfect artistic feel. It will look great in your living area, bedroom, and even in the kitchen!

Table Clocks

Table clocks are a good option to acquire a good amount of space in the corner of your drawing room. They can be placed on a mounted table which is either antique or wooden. This will highlight not only the clock but also allow you to decorate a corner in the house. A range of table clocks is available that looks quirky and effortlessly stylish. You can look for wooden carvings, artwork and geometric prints and anything that will catch attention. Match them with the right table and place them in one corner for the ultimate contemporary design.

There are so many styles and designs in clocks and you can pick anything from vintage to geometric. Totally your call! Have fun decorating!


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