Styling your house in a Bohemian chic vibe

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Whenever you read the word ‘Bohemian’, it takes you someplace else that is artistic and aesthetically equipped. There is a positive vibe in a boho space for a lot of reasons. Probably, it is the use of vivid colors or unique patterns. But whatever it is, it gives an authentic feel to the house. You can use a lot of ideas to curate this look and make sure that everyone is impressed by this space. For an unconventional look, use the following bohemian ideas and amp your space in a jiffy! Do not forget to add your personal touch in whatever you do.

Add Vivid colors and patterns

The basic rule while styling your house in a bohemian style is to use vivid colors that have an element of vibrancy and dazzle to them. This is the most important factor when you are styling your house because a dash of color has the potential to make your house look splendid! If you choose bright colors like neons, hot pink and purple tones, lemon, etc. it will look more than pretty. If you choose boho and Aztec prints, they also look unique and can make your house look amazing. It adds a personal touch to your space and gives a heart-warming welcome to your guests as well. Anyone who enters your home will feel this positive vibe. This is the best thing you can do in your living room or your bedroom.

Style a corner of books

Any house aesthetics are incomplete without your books. If you are a gothic book reader, then this is the easiest thing you can do to amp your space. The thing with books is that they add warm aesthetics to your space and also give an overall vintage look. When nothing else works, a corner of books will. Arrange your books in a fun style like zig-zag, diagonal, or antique pieces in between. This is totally your call and you can also add a colorful cloth as a base for the books. The whole point here is to add some color and playful features to this corner. This vibe will be absolutely contagious and give a boho look in no time.

Hang Flea Artwork

If there is one thing you can do to add bohemian features to your space, it would be some really gothic artwork. This is imperative because any kind of artwork has a unique appeal and the ability to amplify your space tenfold. This art choice can be anything like graphic, abstract or colorful. Make it effortlessly pretty ad you will see how it works its charm. We have mentioned flea artwork here because this is the most realistic and gothic work you will ever find. ith raw pieces and inspiration from diverse periods, this kind of art is sure to take your breath away. You will gaze at it in awe. You’ll find lots of pieces in intriguing paintings, drawings, and photos just waiting to liven up your boho living room or bedroom.

Don’t forget the ceiling

As much attention as we pay to the walls of our house, we must pay that much attention to the ceiling as well. Anything that you choose has the ability to add a vibrancy factor to your overall space. Paying attention to details is a must because it can cast a long-lasting impression on anyone. Look for something that is colorful or has an intricate detail to it. Bohemian decor involves using a stretch of patterned fabric over the ceiling. This is chosen in vivid colors to add a playful vibe to the overall appearance. If not this, you can install a false ceiling with fancy lights or even stunning wallpapers with minute work. All these options are highly stylish and add a stunning look to any room. Working on the look of the ceiling is very important and thus, you should not miss it for anything.

Lots of patterned pillows

Since having a lot of pillows is a mainstream idea, use these pillows by adding some improvisation. What you can do is add some pattered pillows together and make them shine on a regular bed or sofa. If the color of your sofa or bed is basic and neutral, pick plenty of pillows in unique Aztec patterns that amp the space. These patterned pillows have an intricate look to them and look like a pile of colorful collection. The trick is to use different prints together so that there is a lot of mind-boggling by just looking at them. Break the stereotypes and add every possible color in the world!

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