Decor Ideas for Christmas themed living room.

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It’s that time of the year again where we bring in the festivities and celebrate the holiday season. Even though there is some time in Christmas but that doesn’t mean it can stop you from decorating your space with some decor pieces. Our house can always use some new and refreshing pieces in order to bring some interesting and welcoming elements to it. And especially during Christmas, which is all about being joyful, cheery, colorful and cozy at the same time. Decorating your space, keeping the cold weather in mind, makes the process a lot more fun, as adding little elements can easily bring huge changes to the way your space feels and appears. During such harsh weather and festive season, you would obviously want your space to not only feel cozy and warm but also Christmas ready and welcoming. It’s important to maintain the balance and add all the elements in equal proportion so that nothing feels overpowering or any less. And to sort you through this problem, we have listed some genius ways of decorating your living room in a way that speaks of Christmasy vibes yet gives a super cozy and welcoming feeling.

Add an antique rocking chair

Rocking chairs are one of the best pieces to have in a living room, but it doesn’t really go well in the space that is modern. You may be doubting our choice, but the festive season is the best excuse to bring this chair to use and make the space feel homey and festive ready. If you have an antique rocking chair tucked away in the attic or storeroom of your house, this is the best time for it to show off the ability it holds. Place it in the corner nearby the fireplace. It will instantly add some nostalgic and homey feeling to the space, as it will remind you of the days when you spent your nights listening to Christmas stories while rocking on the chair. For an extra effect, add a festive throw blanket on its arm, and you are good to go.

Decorate the mantel

The fireplace is that one thing which we all look forward to during such cold weather, as it not only makes the space feel warmer but also gives a very cozy and festive feel. And it happens to attract the attention no matter what all decor pieces are lying in the room, which is why it’s equally important to decorate the mantel that is present above the fireplace. From decorative garlands to beautiful stockings, you can dress up the mantel in endless ways and possibilities. There are so many decorative pieces to choose from; you can go with the ones that look and feels the best to you.

Plaid curtains

Another great way of bringing in the festive vibe is to opt for plaid curtains. Such curtains go really well with the whole festive vibe and feel winter-friendly. Curtains that come with colors such as red, white, and black are the perfect piece to add to the windows of your living space. They give a very sophisticated feel yet adds to the spirit of festive and holiday season.

Add fairy lights

Adding fairy lights to the space is one of the best ways to add festive vibes to it. It just looks so stunning and instantly makes the room appear very homey and LIT up. You just cannot go wrong with this decoration idea. Put up the lights on the mantel over the garland or simply wrap it around your Christmas tree. This decoration trick will further accentuate your highly decorated Christmas tree.

Opt for red and white flowers

Can there be any better colors than these two to bring in the Christmasy vibes? Certainly not. Pick a beautiful arrangement of red and white blooms for your coffee table. You can choose to place it either in a beautiful vase or a bowl or container. You can also add a touch of greenery to it by placing some green branches and twigs; it can either be fake or real.

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