Ideas to style a welcoming guest room

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To ensure that your friends and family have a memorable stay at your place, you need to design a warm and beautiful room for them. The room should provide them with such comfort that they would want to visit your place again and again. It should be a dramatic combination of both a hotel room and your personal touch of home.

As the room is not frequently used, this is a spot in your house where you can experiment with bright colors, bold wallpaper or twin beds.

We have given some useful tips which you can keep in mind while designing your guest room


To have that perfect bed for your room, headboards have become a mandatory thing. It is an essential element to add extra comfort to your bed. They give a luxurious and elegant look to your bedroom. They have the potential to give a perfect style statement to the room. To avoid the boredom and give an interesting look, you can try your artistic skills and go for a painted headboard. Add colors, textures but don’t overdo it.

As wooden headboards have always been the most versatile option, you can choose one for your room to give a plain and a classic look.

Spice up the room with Furniture

To add a little bit of fun element to your room, you can spice up the place by adding a piece of furniture to it. Add a padded bench to the side of your bed which can be used to place your bags and can also act an extension giving your bed an enhanced look.

A dresser could be added which would give them a helping hand when unpacking their belongings. A side chair and that too with a swing is also an interesting option to give a bohemian look to the room. You can also consider adding Sofa beds, Ping-Pong and pool tables when thinking of giving your room that wholesome feeling.

Tiered bed shelves on the bedside can be added to keep the water glasses, extra blankets, flowers.

Make it Cozy

Everyone put some extra effort to give your guests that ultimate feeling of comfort and warmth when they come to stay at your place. What could be better than adding some amazing throw pillows to the bed with a soft comforter and the best quality layers making the room look more vibrant and classy! Add ruffles and layers for an extravagant look and to give them a hotel-like feeling. Place a bedside rug to give a soft landing to the feet when they wake up.

The Twin Look

When you generally go for a sharing double bed for your bedroom, to try something different you can add twin beds to your guest room. It will make space look more clean and uncluttered. Make sure to keep them in symmetry for a streamlined look. Adding a table between the two beds can come in as a handy option. The table could be used to add some decorative elements or be a help for your guests to keep their belongings.

Adding little touches like keeping a vase with scented flowers or picking up a specific theme for the room or giving your bed wall some kind of artistic decor can give your room that wow factor. Some other ways to give your guests a homely feeling could be making sure of adding some toiletries to the room or adding a mirror which will make your room look bigger and brighter.

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