Steal The Trending Kitchen Decor Ideas

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The kitchen is that part of the house that is often over-looked and not paid much attention in terms of decoration and creativity. But bygones are the time when it was just a mere cooking room and nothing else. They were built in monochromes without much color division. But today, the kitchen area holds a very prominent place in modern homes and demands a lot of creativity in its build.
If you’re looking forward to redesigning your kitchen with the latest cabinets and statement hues on the walls, we’ll tell you a few trending kitchen ideas that are all over the place. Just make sure you use multiple colors and vintage cabinets like wood and charcoal to start with-



Merely painting a kitchen wall in solid colors is a thing of the past and is not a piece of news. It is the most streamlined kitchen decor idea so if you’re redecorating your kitchen, this is something you shouldn’t pick. Statement tiles, on the contrary, are the most effective way to alter your kitchen’s vibe completely. These are just regular tiles with a hint of art on them. Because we’re living in modern-day era of creativity and art, it is very important to add that touch in every little piece. Statement tiles have pretty colors and art engraved on them like patterns and maybe a picture of kettle and mugs. You can have an entire wall covered in tiles or even the flooring. It adds a playful touch to the kitchen and looks fab.


You must have seen this feature at bars, pubs, and restaurants where long-legged chairs and stools are placed at the counter and are also a part of the seating area. This looks really funky but also stylish at the same time. They are called bistro chairs because they are the most attractive part of any cafe. Then why not get them home? Yes, you can. Crafted with very light-weight material, bistro chairs are a classic and can be arranged at the kitchen table in the center. The benefits are two-fold: first, you can have your meals right there at the kitchen counter and second, they add warm aesthetics to the kitchen. Colorful chairs and stools look so trendy & attractive that they will stand the test of time, for sure!


Wood always reminds us of old days when everything was just so simple and sweet. Wood has always been a charming feature whether it’s decorating the living room, outdoors or even modern-day wall art. It looks so vintage and classic and never fails to grab attention. Coming to kitchen decor, wood has been one of the most desired and trending decor ideas. It brings within itself a vibe that nothing else can. It reminds of historic European days and enhances the whole vibe of a kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look more playful, paint the wooden counters in cute pastel colors like mint and lavender. Trust us, you would love to stay there all day!


Hangings are never a bad idea when it comes to home decor. So always pick classic hangings for your living area and kitchen as well. It can be anything like a fancy long-neck lamp hanging down your kitchen ceiling near the window or any handmade piece hanging just at the entrance of the kitchen. It adds a very cool chic style and shows that you added a personal touch to the kitchen too. Looks damn attractive and can be very quick to execute too. You can also pick wall hangings with kitchen and food-related quotations and put them near the bistro chairs for an inviting mood. Decorating your kitchen has no bounds so be as creative as you can be.


There is no more need to stash your utensils and kitchen appliances in the cabinets. ‘If you got it, you flaunt it’ is the new mantra. The latest trend in kitchen decor is open shelves where you can place all your fancy tableware. This visual brightens up the kitchen and loos very unique. It gives a very raw and classy feel to the kitchen at the same time. So place one or two shelves right on the wall and display some colorful kitchenware pieces and your favorite objects together for a chic look. It is very easy to install so you’ll have your kitchen decorated in no time.

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