Ambient Lighting For Your Sweet Home

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Appropriate Lighting is very crucial for any home as it plays a key role in highlighting all the minute details. With antiques and wall art all around the house, there is a dire need for a very good quality lighting that not only brightens up the room but also ensures visibility. Depending on the purpose, we need to install different lighting at home. For reference, work-related things need a really good amount of lighting and for relaxing, dim lights will solve the purpose.

If you’re confused about what kind of lighting to install, stop and look around the place. Analyze the textures and themes and then decide how fancy or how casual do you need your lighting scheme. We’ve handpicked the following-


Chandeliers are recommended for all those places where the ceilings are quite high. This is because chandeliers are a very classy and elegant piece of lighting that are huge in size. They don’t look that great in small areas so it is advised to use them either for your drawing room area, dining area or theatre room area. Places with a wide seating need fancy chandeliers because they have the capacity to throw light up to a distance. Also, they look very royal when placed in a dome-like ceiling. A very sophisticated atmosphere is created with these antique pieces.


Ceiling lightings are very versatile and can be used anywhere unlike chandeliers. They have a very good amount of light and so, can be installed in bedrooms, kitchen, and even the porch. The entire house has some sort of ceiling lights in every corner. There are a variety of designs in ceiling lights like vintage patterns, contemporary details and even rustic designs for a classic style home. You can illuminate the house with these beautiful lights. Even the false ceiling is a very unique idea and gives the feel of a luxurious resort ambiance.


Pendant lighting is most suitable for workplaces. However, it is very versatile to be fitted in other places too. With so many sizes and designs available in pendant lighting, it can solve all kinds of purposes from minimal to extra light. As the name suggests, pendant lighting is very delicate and varies from small to big sizes. Glass and crystal pendant lights are chosen for bedrooms whereas antique pendants are picked for drawing rooms and workplaces for that polished look and ornamental feel. It is a highly recommended artsy lighting which can be placed in any corner of the house. It works like a charm!


Lamps are the most compact form of lighting and provide direct focus on everything. If you’re working on your desk, adjust the arm of the lamp into focus and work easily; if you’re reading a book on your bed and need some extra lighting, you can pull the arm and adjust it according to your convenience. It is a multi-purpose item and the most convenient form of lighting. There are so many designs available in table lamps now that one cannot resist having them as a part of the house. You can easily adjust the amount of light needed with the help of swing arms that’s why it is so portable. Go and pick one for yourself now!


Vanity obviously relates to our personal space lighting either in the bathroom or dressing room. Such mind-blowing designs are now available in the market for vanity structures that you cannot let go of them. With so many white bulbs placed around the mirror, it emits the perfect lighting when you have to dress up. They provide a very good focus on the face which makes makeup really easy and convenient. We struggle so much applying the perfect liner but not anymore, vanity lights are at your rescue. You can also dim them as and when required.

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