How To Add Personal Touch To Wall Decor

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Home decor is an art of designing the walls and interiors of our house in a unique and attractive manner so that the environment looks pleasing and welcoming. Every home speaks of itself in ways nothing else can. There is a certain vibe to it and it’s very important to tap on the right details. The walls of your house demand as much attention as the interiors. What you need to do is ditch the old-school paint on the walls and run your mind through creativity. Whatever strikes on your mind- DO IT! It is all about being as creative as you can be when it comes to wall art. Professionals can also offer you a lot of ideas but it’s best to add some personal touch to it. So if you’re hung up on that blank wall in your house, we have some really top-notch ideas to inject an aesthetic touch into your place.


If you’re a nature lover and crave greenery first thing every morning, this is the perfect idea for you. It’s very interesting to place plants in the interiors of the house nowadays because it emits a very positive vibe. But if you want to do something different then pick those little colorful pots with hangings and mount them on a raw wall at your place. Every plant lover will love this idea and it looks very artistic too. The idea of placing such natural pieces on the wall is to bring character and visual interest to a room. Place a recliner chair just next to the wall and have your morning tea in style!


One of the most impactful pieces of decoration is art in any form. It can be in the form of paintings, wall hangings, thread work-whatever you like. Contemporary art is actually present-day art. It captures the essence and makes us gaze at it for hours. Pick famous artworks of talented artists and display them in gilded frames on your walls. You can also pick a picture ledge in groups and hang them on the wall. This is the most simple and inexpensive way to display an art collection. It will surely lure your guests to the core.


This idea of decoration can never go out of style. You might have seen how books are displayed on a wooden shelf clung to the wall. This is the cutest and most stylish way to show off your favorite books as well as to give life to a blank wall. Looking at a wall with these rust books, it reminds of vintage times and thus, adds a transition in the walls. You can design the shelf in a streamlined way with horizontal and vertical lines. You can also play with proportions and look for something in zig-zag patterns for a funky look. Just tap your creative side and everything will look fantastic.


Multiple strings of festive lights are one of the most creative wall decor ideas. This is actually a part of DIY: Do it yourself. You can easily pick a couple of lighting strings and tape them horizontally on the wall hanging loosely. A dash of magic is created with this one and lights up the entire room in seconds. For a more personalized touch, you can clip your Polaroid pictures and sweet quotations in between. Paint your wall in muted pastels or bright colors like mustard yellow, sky blue, bubble pink and add this magical string of lights to it for the perfect night feels.


If you want to do something out of the box, add those antique round plates on your fancy wall in the living room. It’s a very interesting idea to add geometric illusions as a part of home decoration because they bring variation to the regular style. You can pick plenty of traditional and modern engraved designs in plates and hang them beautifully on the wall. It’s like building a gallery wall with fancy plates because every plate shows some artwork and narrates a story of its own. Anybody visiting your house will be overwhelmed with this subtle creativity.

Whether it’s hanging pictures, artwork or vintage pieces, there are numerous ideas for wall decor that you can drool over. Just start thinking out of the box and you’ll have your pick.

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