Reflect your style with these edgy mirror ideas for your bathroom

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When it comes to designing your bathroom, then the first thing that comes to your mind is the style of the mirror you will choose for your bathroom. A mirror serves the very basic purpose of a bathroom. Though a mirror has nothing to do with the color palette or layout of your bathroom, still there are an ample number of ways in which you can style them. Below are listed some of them to get you inspired-

Double It

To give a luxurious feel and an ambient look to your bathroom, don’t go for the traditional single mirror as it looks plain and boring. Create a stunning view of your space by adding multiple mirrors. It will make it more appealing and give a majestic look to it. This trendy style is generally done over double sinks, but you can create it even with a long single vanity.

Mix and Match

This style can add to the fun element of your bathroom. Pick several mirrors of different shapes and sizes and put them on a wall. Put them in a pattern that doesn’t look haywire. Each of your pieces should be positioned in a way that they complement each other and make the overall look interesting. Ambient Lighting on the top of it will give a mesmerizing feel to your space. This one is a must-try!

Hanging Mirrors

When it comes to placing the mirrors, the idea which generally comes to one’s mind is to hang it on the wall. But what if we can make this simple trick an interesting one by using a visible rope or a wire to suspend it on a wall. Wouldn’t it add a dramatic feel to your bathroom?

Be cautious while choosing the material of its suspension. Choose a thick rope to create a maritime look for your bathroom; otherwise, go for a wire to have a modern, industrial vibe.

Go for a Big one

If it suits your space and style, you can go for a very simple way which will look classy, elegant as well as trendy at the same time. Pick a large mirror that won’t just look impressive but also help in illuminating your space by bringing in more light. Add a decorative frame around it if it is convenient to give an artistic touch to your bathroom. It will surely give a bohemian kind of vibe to your space.

Pick a Unique one

Instead of choosing the same conventional styles of a mirror, pick a statement piece that makes your bathroom look standout. It is an effective way to create a statement look for your bathroom, which is simple yet easy at the same time. You don’t need to add unnecessary accessories and make it look messy and cluttery; just one piece would be enough to give it an artistic touch. Go for some vintage styles; they offer intricate designs and creative shapes.

Illuminate your space with a mirror

If your bathroom is in a place with low lighting conditions, you can go for a mirror which has inbuilt lights or add some of them behind it by yourself. It will give a glamorous touch to your space with the addition of backlighting. It will act as a perfect spot where you can do your makeup and see your face in a detailed way. When picking one, be careful that the light is not too harsh and is on the softer side.

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