Exquisite Bookshelves for great home aesthetics

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If you are a book lover, you would know how important this furniture style is. There are so many bookshelves in the world that you just cannot choose one. Each one of them has one sole purpose of giving a home to your beloved books. Trending bookshelves in contemporary designs have the potential to amp any space and make way for warm aesthetics in every corner. Look for these gorgeous designs and amp your look in no time!

Corner Bookshelf

As the name suggests, this bookshelf is supposed to be placed in the corner. This corner can be anywhere you want- your living room, bedroom, drawing-room. The thing is that a corner bookshelf has a lot of admiration even though it is the easiest and the most mainstream style in bookshelves. There are so many pros of this bookshelf like it looks effortlessly gorgeous. It has utility because it can be used for placing your antiques along with the books in one corner. Then it saves up a lot of space in the room because of its corner placement. Thus, a corner bookshelf is everything pretty and functionality. If you want to pick this one for your space, pick it in hardwood-style or glass style. Both of them have a lot of charm and vibe to them.

Barrister Bookshelf

A Barrister bookshelf, as the name suggests, is a royal bookshelf and gives a vintage feel to the entire room. The mere placement of this kind of furniture type adds warm aesthetics to the room. If you are thinking of giving an antique look to your space, then go for this kind of bookshelf. This one also has a lot of utility because it can be placed anywhere and the tabletop can be used for placing your delicates. They look like the kind of bookshelves that you will spot in palaces or royal courtrooms or in any lawyer’s office. The material used in this kind of bookshelf is hardwood which makes it look bulky. It is definitely a classic and timeless piece for your space.

Leaning Ladder Bookshelf

The leaning ladder bookshelf is itself an entire definition of what this one looks like. An exact replica of a ladder, this one sits close to the wall and remains diagonally placed. This ladder style bookshelf is different from the rest and looks very quirky and stylish. If you are looking for something unique and wish to add a chic vibe to your space, then this ladder bookshelf will satisfy all your needs. It is definitely one of the most loved styles because it stands at an odd angle. This contemporary style is loved for its designing and can be used to place your books, house plants, photo frames and everything you name! Since it is tilted towards the wall, this adds a lot to the overall appeal. It attracts eyes wherever it is placed.

Revolving Bookshelf

This bookshelf is one of the most contemporary styles ever curated. Because of its revolving features, it adds a modish vibe to the overall vibe of the house. There are so many modern furniture styles that aim at trending furniture and this one is one of the topmost numbers on that list. The best thing about this revolving bookshelf is that it is space-saving and time-saving too. You can place it anywhere and can quickly go through the book by revolving it around. This will be an eye-catching piece in your home because of such an innovative and fancy designing. Place books in an attractive manner and you are going to amp your space in the best way possible!

Contemporary Bookshelf

A contemporary bookshelf is one of the most stylish bookshelves ever. We cannot call one particular bookshelf as a contemporary bookshelf because the definition is vast. A modern bookshelf is something that has been created thinking about innovation and the newest styles. They are fresh and unseen. Such designs immediately grab your attention for the sole reason that their build is just so innovative. It can be anything like a free-standing ladder or an A-line frame or an X-shape bookshelf. The central idea is to have a bookshelf that is far away from the mainstream ones. This shelving style keeps our space updated and trendy.


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