Clever and effective ways of doing a laundry room

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Today a lot of homes and apartments come with a dedicated laundry space to do the laundry and we must say it is one of the best things to have happened in house upgrading or we should say it’s an era of modern houses that come with all the basic amenities and built-in features. No matter which corners your laundry room is in, it’s such a blessing and good fortune that your house has one. Believe us, having a dedicated laundry space in your house can simplify your life in so many amazing ways. It not only makes your life easier and convenient but also makes for a smart choice that you will never regret deciding on anytime in the future. However, a laundry space is often looked down upon due to its very regular and plain look as well as storage and organizing problem. The tiny space isn’t a big problem; the problem is how you have done your laundry room in every single aspect. From its appearance to the organization, everything should be given a lot of consideration. There are a few decoration and storage tips that will make sure your laundry room looks serene and well organized and will make sure you visit that space again and again.

Add a countertop above the dryer and washer

One of the best ways of utilizing the laundry room and providing additional space to it is by using the space that is present over your washer and dryer. Add a countertop over them, and you will have an additional space to hold many other items such as basket, washed laundry, etc. You can create a countertop using plywood or any other material of your choice.

Paint it in a vibrant color

One of the easiest and affordable ways of changing the appearance of any space is by changing its wall color. While neutral and pastels colors are very calm and soothing to the eyes, but the effect that vibrant colors create has no competition. Apply a fresh coat of bold paint to the workspace to make it appear more fun, cheerful, and bright. Just remember to opt for a color that uplifts the space and sets the mood right. Some vibrant and bright colors such as lime green, yellow, and orange are a great option to consider. You can also go with a crisp white color to add extra brightness to the space. To create a flow within the space, you can also choose to color the cabinets in the same color.

Change the lighting

Another effective way to make your laundry room appear very bright and lively is by changing the lights of the space. Laundry rooms are usually located in places that are often devoid of natural lighting. And that’s why it’s extremely important to add good lighting to the space. You can add an overhead fixture to make the room look spacious and bright, which further will also help you in getting a better look at all the stains. You can choose a beautiful and delicate lighting fixture to enhance the look of the laundry room.

Put the walls to use

The laundry room usually doesn’t come up with a lot of storage space. The tiny walls that are present inside the room leave us with only one option, and that is to put those walls to use. You can use them to add so many wall-mounted pieces such as drying rack, floating shelves, hanging space, drop-down ironing board, etc. All these pieces serve great functionality. So adding them to your laundry room will be worth your time, money, and efforts.

Label the baskets

Labeling the baskets that are present in your laundry room helps in a lot of ways. It not only makes the space appear very neat and tidy but also makes it look organized, which further makes the cleaning and organizing process easier for you. You can label them using chalkboard labels, which can be used a number of times.

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