Marble or Tile: Which is the better flooring option?

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It is an all-time confusion when it comes to choosing between timeless classic marble and relatively newer but popular vitrified tiles. Your floor forms the base of your entire home decor, and the biggest part is you can’t get it changed like any other thing of your room as it is a difficult and time-taking process. So you should very cautious when deciding the flooring for your house.

Below are listed some points which could make your mind clear on this popular debate and ease your dilemma-

1. Characteristics

They are quite different in nature and have unique properties. While the vitrified tiles are made by hydraulic pressing of clay and other minerals like silica, quartz, and feldspar at high temperatures; marble, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring dense stone formed from calcite, dolomite or limestone.

Tiles possess a glassy surface, smooth texture, and are non-porous due to which they do not absorb water or any other liquid. This helps in making them stain-resistant and highly durable. On the contrary, marble has a high water absorption rate due to its porous nature and can get easily stained. So it needs to be maintained and polished regularly.

2. Durability

If you want flooring with a long life span, marble might serve you for around 25 years as it is a high tolerant substance. But its major drawback is that it develops a yellowish tinge over time which can be taken care of with regular maintenance and adequate care.

Due to rigorous vitrification, tiles can weather heavy daily use and are extremely durable. But they are highly prone to breakage if once chipped; the whole tile needs to be replaced altogether.

3. Maintenance

Floors being the most used part of your house needs regular care and maintenance to have a long-lasting life. As tiles are water-resistant, they are very easy to clean. They do not get stained easily, so regularly washing it with water, and a soft cloth could be enough. Different types of tiles could need differing levels of maintenance depending upon their texture.

On the other hand, marble is porous in nature that makes it prone to absorb water or abrasion by alkali or acids. Due to this factor, it needs the utmost care and maintenance. Clean it with lukewarm water regularly to remove stains and polish it from time to time to maintain its shine and luster.

4. Aesthetic Value

In today’s world, it is all about aesthetics; there is a certain face value of each and everything we choose. So the design and style of flooring should be chosen according to the decor of your house so that they can complement each other.

No other flooring option can’t match the elite look marble offers. The color, hues, and artistic appeal that marble carries bring a luxurious feel to the place. It is truly a symbol of authenticity and opulence.

But if you are looking to give your home an arty, contemporary look and giving your every room a different look, then you should go with the vitrified tiles. But the overall look it gives may appear less authentic due to the grouting lines which are not as seamless as that of marble.

5. Cost

Tiles, being man-made, are available to suit different budgets. They are more affordable than the marble due to its ease of installation. On the contrary, marble being a natural stone, needs to be cut to specific sizes and grinded before installation, which makes the whole process costly and time-consuming. Sometimes they are imported from other countries as well.

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