Mirrors you can add to your bathroom space

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A mirror is an important element to have in a bathroom. The space doesn’t feel complete if it doesn’t come up with a mirror attached to it. Mirrors can do a lot more things than you may know about. It not only serves functionality but also serves as a great decoration piece which can further enhance the look of any space but when it comes to the bathroom it definitely is a must, which you cannot miss out on having. Besides being functional, mirrors add some depth and lighting element to the space that instantly makes your bathroom appear very spacious and bright.

When it comes to choosing a mirror for your bathroom, you may find a whole range of options to choose from. The mirror comes in many different varieties, styles, sizes, and functions, which we understand can make the entire buying process a little overwhelming. But as long as you have decided on what kind of mirror you are looking for, in your bathroom, you can go ahead with your purchase. And if you are still confused about what type of mirror to look for, fret not we are here to sort you through this trouble. Whether you are looking for a functional mirror, decorative mirror or just a regular mirror, we have listed a few mirror types you would love having in your bathroom.

Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are the most basic and used form of bathroom mirrors. They are directly mounted on the walls so that the mirror doesn’t appear shaky or any sort of that. Depending on the size of the bathroom walls and your need, you can go with the mirror that serves both the purpose. As far as their looks are concerned, wall mirrors come in all different styles and varieties. While some are frameless, some options come with beautiful elaborately designed frames and colors to bring some elements to the bathroom space.

Medicine cabinet mirrors

Don’t like the idea of your mirror taking up the whole wall space? No worries that won’t be the case anymore when you have this multi-functional medicine cabinet mirror making its way in the market. Owing to its multipurpose usage, this type of mirror is very popular and well demanded in the market. Now you wouldn’t have any trouble storing your medicines, as inside of the cabinet comes with an ample amount of room which you can also use to store other essential things. The mirror is attached to the door of the cabinet. Even though this mirror style has been in the market for ages but today it isn’t the same anymore. It has not only improved by its look but also in regards to the storage space. You can pick a style that matches your aesthetic and perfectly complements your bathroom space whilst adding a stylish and interesting element to it.

Lighted mirrors

This type of mirror is a perfect option for those whose bathroom space doesn’t have any window installed in it to allow the passage of natural lighting or also in the case if your bathroom needs some extra lighting, especially near your vanity. This mirror comes with led light installed alongside the mirror’s borderline. It can be the perfect spot for all the women to do their makeup as the natural lighting will allow you to have a better look at the application of your makeup products.

Ledge mirrors

Ledge mirrors, also known as shadow boxes are a kind of mirror that comes with a built-in ledge. The ledge is attached to the bottom of the mirror which further is used to hold different bathroom products such as soaps and beauty products. This is a great mirror to add to your bathroom if you are dealing with storage space.

Pivot mirrors

Pivot mirrors are the most flexible kind of mirror to add to your bathroom space. These mirrors are mounted on the walls and speaking of the mounts, their flexibility is the reason you are able to tilt the mirror in any direction or any angle you like. For instance, you can tilt the mirror to a side where you will get good lighting. These mirrors come in a huge variety of options, some come with built-in lighting while some are two-sided, featuring a typical mirror surface on one side and a magnified mirror surface on the other side.

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