Creative ways of gardening your plants in a planter

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Plants have always been the most practical yet beautiful piece to add to any space. It is an excellent way of making the space feel very lively and colorful. There are so many good things about having plants both in the indoor space and the outdoor space. Besides being able to impart some colors and forestry vibes to space, they also help in purifying the air, calming the senses, and many other great things. However, when it comes to choosing a planter for the potted plants, we all mostly rely on those regular and classic pots that have started to look very plain now especially when you have so many different kinds of planters and unique ways of holding plants making their way into the market. Planters today come in all different shapes, sizes, and irregular forms and structures, which makes them a very interesting piece to add to your space. While there are some plant holders that are usually made from things that can easily be found in your storage room or attic.

There are so many different and unique ways of gardening the plants and to enlighten you about them; we have listed some of the best ways of planting them up, which might seem very interesting to you.

Mount them on the wall

If you want to bring some life to your space, then there can be no better option than this mounting style. The combination of wood and greenery together go hand in hand and give very forestry feeling to space. Basically, the wooden panel is mounted to the walls, and then a soil bedding is layered in the gap that is present in the center of the panel. Plants of your choice are then planted on it. Generally, tiny succulents and other tiny plants are considered to be an ideal choice for such a mounting style.

Put your over-the-door shoe organizer to use

We all have had over the door shoe organizer at some point of time. If you still are a proud owner of this piece, then we may tell you, you did the right thing by keeping it with yourself as there’s quite a genius way of using it all over again but for some different purpose, of course. And that is to garden your plants. The tiny pockets it comes with can easily be used for planting. Fill these pockets with fertilized soil and then add favorite plants of yours, such as vines and ferns. You will have your hanging plant holder/planter ready. Now you can hang it either on the fence of your garden or even in the indoors, whatever placement feels suitable to you.

Buy furniture pieces that are plant-friendly

If storage is the problem and you can’t really find any solution for it, then using multi-functional furniture pieces will always prove to be a life savior for you. There are many furniture pieces that are plant-friendly and comes with a good amount of space for you to garden your plants in. Adding planters to an already crowded place is only going to make everything look very chaotic and cluttered. Which is why it’s always best to opt for living furniture which will allow you to open up your space and make it look more lively. For instance, many coffee tables feature this characteristic about them.

Create your own terrarium

A terrarium can be said to be one of the best ways of gardening your plants as it not only looks stunning but is also very much in trend right now. These terrariums look very fascinating and have a lot of good things about them, such as they are very easy to make, are low-maintenance, and can survive with very little attention. While purchasing a glass container, make sure it’s of good quality. Add a good quality soil to it and decorate it with your favorite accessories. Voila, you will have your self made terrarium ready.

Bookshelf planter

Now you may think what kind of a planter it is; we would like to tell you that such planters imitate the formation of many books layered together in a shelf in a horizontal position. For all the people who are avid readers, this idea will be the best choice for you. You can either add this planter to the inside of your house or you can choose to add it in the outdoor space.

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