Ideas for Outdoor Patio

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Designing a house brings out, the artists in the person. Whenever we think of giving a special touch to our home space, our mind brings up so many decorative ideas. However, these ideas are mix and match or things we like and we cannot really decide which look will be admirable. Patio is arranged in an outside area which could be your front lawn or back yard. Usually, people follow this arrangement for the backyard. Well, we are at your assistance; today we will offer you some suggestions, which could be helpful to you while decorating your Patio.

Like A Royal Tent

Early centuries, when kings and queens use to travel from place to place, they use to stay in the royal tents. The tent used to be placed with the help of handcrafted wooden poles. You can create similar poles with concrete but don’t add a ceiling instead apply the tent cloth on top. Now, for the sitting arrangement, add some jute chairs and a table. Since the look is for outdoor using wooden furniture seems ideal. You can add cushions to it, but remember they should be covered with waterproof material.


In A Shed

If your backyard has ample space then, you can construct a concrete shed in hut shape. Since it is in open then, round fireplace could be built here. Adding a marble shelf similar to the bar table could provide you a place to sit and to eat. The shed will offer you shelter in the rainy nights. You can arrange a bonfire party with the help of the shed, where you can grill and enjoy your meal with a glass of wine. You can keep some open space in the center if you add the shelf to the corner.  The center space could be used for sitting, you can place a round table and chair in this space or you could leave the area empty and add floor sitting if required.


Mid Century

Although we are in the 21st century but, sometimes history seems fascinating. To hear the stories of how our great grandparents used to live is something that brings us closer to our family. Imagine if you could add a touch of later centuries to your home, how many stories your grandparents could narrate to your kids in this place. Well, arrange an extra-large bowl to light up fire. You can decorate it with some pebble and place some chairs next to it. Adding side tables is mandatory because no one can enjoy time without food and with no place to keep the food, the efforts will not be a success.


House Backyard

Usually, we have extra shed constructed around the house; use this shed to build a mini kitchen. You can add your dishwasher in this area, place some drawers to keep cutlery and add a mini self with bar stoles. You can grill and cook in this area and at the same time do some decoration like placing a painting on the wall. Adding lamplight on the wall will look good as well. The lamplight could be replaced by candleholders because you wouldn’t necessarily have an electricity connection here and it will not be required since you have placed candles.
Another similar idea is to add a big glass window to your home kitchen and extend a bar shelf outside the window. You can place some bar stoles in this area. This will require less space and at the same time, you will save some designing efforts.


Classical Patio

In your backyard add a canopy parasol tent that will protect you from sunshade and if it’s waterproof than, it will not let the raindrops pass through. Add a table and chair beneath the tent, well it is important that notice the size of the tent before installing furniture. You can add a more similar arrangement to the backyard if you have space. This style is simple and requires less space, so you can easily adjust these in small areas.

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