Convert Basement into a lively home space

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Basements are the wide empty spaces in a home. Some people choose to make their basements a GYM, some choose to make it a place to store old things and some choose it to maintain their liquor stock by converting it into winery. Why go for these ordinary ideas, when you can create something exciting with this area. Today I will offer you some suggestions which can give you the idea of converting this area into an indoor pool or a classic bar. So let’s give it a look.

Gaming Zone

This windowless area has no natural light to offer, but you can do wonders with this place such as create it into a gaming center. If you have young kids then, this can the hang out point for them. They can leave their toys anywhere without a bother of it these being a hurdle in the way. Secondly, you can keep some board games in a stack. You can keep not only the random fun games but some intellectually challenging games. These will help in developing the IQ of your kid. If you are an adult then, who doesn’t like bowling, get some texture on the wall and add the bowling essentials to the room. You can create a sidebar, which could be used while you have some friends coming over for a dinner or party.


Beach Bar Look

First of all, you need to invest in a bar then, a nice music system. Aren’t these two taking you towards the disco look? Well, that is what we are trying to create. Add some bar stoles to the bar and comfy couch to a corner, add some disco lights to light up the place. You can add some hanging lights or place them somewhere around the corner. Since it is somewhat as a night party pub looks, decide the decor of the room likewise. The major importance should be adequate lightening, it should not be too bright, but bright enough to see what going on in the room. Adding some bar essentials like collection of liquor and martini makers is a must.


Indoor Pool

Swimming is a relaxing exercise, adding a swimming pool to your house seems to be great. Well, of course, it will add some extra cleaning work to your list. However, if you get this pool in your home then, you don’t really worry about getting tanned which happens quite often while you are swimming in an outdoor pool. You can add on some lounger deck chairs to the room if you have space otherwise, this place will help you gather some peace in life at your home.


Home Theatre

Paint the room which dark-colored shades. Some lights on the upper portion of the walls. Some necessities such as a projector, a screen to the room must be added. Adjust some speakers in the corners of the room. Finally go for gladiator chairs, to add a complete movie hall experience. Now, using a CD or pen drive you can display you preferred telecast. These days there are Wi-Fi telecast sticks that help in project TV show or movies on big screen. Since everything is set, prepare some popcorns and a glass of your favorite beverage, get on those gladiators and watch the TV series or movie of your preference.


Home Office

These days we get the option of working from home, but when we work in home space, we usually get laid back, and prefer to do it while we are in bed. No more of this laid back excuses to not get up of your bed add the office space in the basement. Cutting corners in a room doesn’t let you have a proper office space or a room thus, you can use your basement to create an office and have a grand bedroom to yourself. Add the necessary drawer to keep the files and table with an adjustable chair. Since, the office in the basement, keeping a mini-fridge with necessary beverages will be good.

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