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Offices are the space where ideas flow, thus you need to create this space keeping a lot many things in mind. The most important point that you need to remember is the window and lighting of the space. Firstly, while selecting the room for office space you need to make sure that the natural energy id flowing in the workspace. If the window isn’t something possible then, you can then light and craft should be the focus. You need to add some inspiring art pieces to your collection and indeed since it is workspace perfect light is of great importance. The usage of eye-friendly light bulbs and tubes is a must. Sidewise add on some colorful pieces of art. Well, if you are not much into art then adding some good books is another useful idea. It is unfortunate that we ignore these wonderful spaces in your home, when we spend such quality, life-changing time here. Therefore, we have brought some ideas that will change the environment for you.


Elegant And Chic

Office spaces are something that defines you, your work and your personality. Thus, keeping a combination of all this is what is required. Add a back desk to your working table. Choose a glass table with golden or silver metal rods as legs. Add a frame which has your near and dear one pictures in it, will remind you of them and the time to go home. You can save the important documents in the back drawers and keep the table empty. Adding a canvas to the wall is offers colors to the space. Since light is important so you need to add keep a table lamp with some hanging lights which will give the focus while you are working late at night.


Along the bed-room

While we live in a sharing apartment, we usually do not get too much personal space except our rooms well; in this scenario, you can possibly get a separate workspace. Choose a corner in your room, adjust a small but not too small table and chair. Invest in a drawer table. So that once, your work is complete you can keep things in a drawer and the table is neat and clean. To add light, place a long leg lamp in front of the table. You can add a wooden bookshelf where you can place your study material and some plants or picture frames.


Window Setting

If you have a big window near your room then, this is the perfect place for your workspace. The natural light offers so much energy to a person and this energy then leads to productive work. Since you are working next to the glass window; you can be in touch with the outer surrounding. These outer surroundings make you feel in contact with the world. The outer public will not act as a hindrance whereas give you peace of mind. Still, if you feel there is hindrance than, you can go for a white frame next to the window, which will block your outside view and at the same time let some natural light enter your room.


Neutral Color

Neutral theme can be adjusted anywhere, I mean you can have them in home for bedroom, living room or back yard. Name the place and they can do wonders. If you are a person who does not like too many colors then, this look will appeal to you. Firstly you need to add some neutral shade to the wall. Add a simple table to the room, with a black chair. Add a small plant along with a clock. You can keep a pen stand and leave the area for work. You can also add a long leg standing lamp to offer light when required also, add some of your favorite quotes with black ink on white paper and get them framed. Hanging another picture with your friends can be done as well.


Tiny little room

Getting a separate room for office space at home can be tough, but if I tell you the way, using which you can get a tiny room to yourself. Firstly cut some room space from your bedroom and draw a wall as a partition. This can be the space that you were using as a changing room. Now, add some drawers and cupboards to keep your files and official material. Add a big white hanging light on the top. Now add the working shelf to the three corners of the room keep a comfy chair. Add a furry rug and don’t forget to add the plug sockets.

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