Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Tile Floors

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Cleaning and maintaining tiles can be quite tricky and difficult sometimes, considering the amount of dust, debris, and stains it is subjected to. Not all tiles can be washed in a normal way, some needs to be cared in a special way. But due to their durability and easy-going nature, they are best chosen for flooring. Cleaning floors may sound tedious but it’s quite easy.
Follow these tips to ensure you have a clean tile flooring throughout your house.



Cleaning the debris off the floor is always an easy one to do. Ensure that floors are swept or vacuumed on a daily basis to avoid dust from getting deposited in the grout or adhering to the tiles. This is the easiest way of maintaining and cleaning the floors. Some tiles may be dirt resistant but sand and dust make the glazed floors lose their shine. So it’s always wise to sweep your floors to save yourself from increased cleaning chore.



Again the type of mopping done mostly depends on the type of floor. The basic way is to wash the tile with warm water. And if you want to enhance the shine of tiles, then you can add a mild detergent to it. You can also check with the tile’s manufacturer for any precautionary measures to take while washing the tiles. It is advised to use a rag or chamois mop rather than any other mops because they don’t lead the dirt to get collected in grout, hence, making it easier to clean. Just make sure to change the water frequently as using dirty water would mean adding more dirt to the floor. And also don’t forget to dry the floor as soon as you finish mopping to avoid any other dirt from adhering to wet floors.
Mop the floors once every week.



Having stains or spills on floors look as bad as having them on our clothes and it really bothers us until it’s gone. If you find any kind of stain or spill on floors make sure to use the right cleanser to clean it. Just so you know chemicals tend to dull the shine of tiles, try to mop the floors with water first and do it very gently.


The safest place for dirt and debris to get collected is grout. So it’s important for you to pay extra heed to them. You don’t need to buy any special cleanser or solution to clean them, the job can be easily done by rubbing the paste of baking soda onto the grout. Let it sit for an hour or two before scrubbing it off with a brush. Finish the process by cleaning the floor with warm water.



Dry mopping after every washing is known to enhance the shine of tiles. Just don’t let the water sit on floors to air dry as standing water may cause water-spots to form which doesn’t look very appealing.



Using doormats on the entryway and the doors that lead in and out of the house can ensure less passage of dust and debris. And you can also choose to place a rug on places which experience high trafficking to prevent any kind of accident from happening.
Incorporating these steps into your routine will ensure that your tile floors are going to sustain for a longer period.

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