Guide For Choosing The Perfect Flooring

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When it comes to home decor, we concentrate on areas like wall decor, accessories, lighting, and bedding the most. This is because they instantly oomph up the look of any area and we want every corner of our house to look the best. But what most of us forget is that the area we are walking on is also pretty important. You can change the overall decoration and lighting whenever you wish to. But when it comes to flooring, you can’t change that with the trends. Once done, it is going to last for a long time and you’re going to see it everyday-even if you’re tired of it. So before making any decision, you should inspect some important points like evergreen trends, cost involved, floor area and then choose the best one.

Flooring sets the tone in every room and has the potential to inject our personal touch. Study your priorities carefully and then choose your flooring type.

Consider Foot Traffic

Whenever you’re choosing the flooring for your home, you must consider foot traffic as a foremost factor. Foot traffic is basically the movement of people walking around in a particular place. So if you have a big family with kids and pets also then delicate flooring is not your cup of tea. Heavy traffic areas should consider installing resilient flooring like ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring. You need something that won’t wear off for a long time. Those who have minimal foot traffic should look for carpet flooring. You can easily have this elegant flooring at your home without worrying about distortion.

Anti-slipping Properties

This factor is most important when talking about flooring in the bathrooms and kitchen area. Such areas are prone to water so it is important to install something that keeps us from slipping. Consider the type of flooring that is durable and also looks very designer. You can find this combination in slate flooring, tiles, and wood. They have elegance and durability also. Nobody wants any corner of their home to look sloppy so bathroom and kitchen tiles should be chosen carefully. Wood flooring should only be used as a part of decoration and not in the entire bathroom because it can be damaged in areas of high moisture.

Pricing Factor

One should always spend more on flooring in the living room than in other areas. This is because most of our time is spent in the main area and we also entertain our guests there. That particular area should have the most designer and comfortable flooring for a great first impression. If you’re looking for marble or ceramic flooring, it will cost you quite a fortune. But the quality is worth it. If you want to go easy on the pocket, go for tiles that look like marble and wood. They are the new ‘in’. It is quite affordable and looks sophisticated. Carpet flooring, on the other hand, makes our feet feel comfortable but is a very posh choice. So obviously it is very expensive.

Environment-friendly Flooring

Yes, if you are a nature lover, look for eco-friendly floorings like bamboo and wood. These are the most used flooring styles because of the raw look they offer. It keeps us close to nature gives a very natural ambiance to the house. Another raw flooring is cork flooring which is great for sound absorption too. If you’re the kind of person who loves to have greenery around in the house, then these environment-friendly options will definitely compliment your personal style. These are also quite affordable and never fail to attract attention.

Designing and Pattern

Always keep in mind the pattern of the flooring that you are choosing. When we have to select flooring, we are influenced by many designs and patterns and tend to forget the theme of the room. The walls of any room should be matched with the flooring for the perfect look. If there is diversity in both the designs, it will look gaudy. If your walls have designer wallpapers, then look for subtle flooring. If you have plain walls then look for designer flooring. Balance is the key because once installed, flooring cannot be undone.

Look for your potential options and choose the best one!

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