Genius décor ideas for bathroom on budget

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There are no hard and fast rules for decorating the bathroom in a specific way. One can incorporate changes to the bathroom as per their preference. Just like any other room bathroom space can also be utilized for decoration purpose. Not all bathrooms are meant to be practical and functional, some really like the idea of decorating them to appease their aesthetic.

We have rounded up a list of a few decoration ideas for your bathroom.


Shower curtains are not only inexpensive but bring ample change to the bathroom in a whole. Replace that old and dull curtain of yours with a shiny one. With a huge variety of materials available in the market, you can choose what feels the best to you. From transparent to opaque, there are many options available to choose from.

And If you are dealing with a grand bathtub then you can go for two curtains instead of one. Adding or replacing them is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to decorate a bathroom.

2. A RUG

Rugs are not only meant to be placed in other rooms of your house, but it has also found its functionality in bathrooms too. To add some cozy vibes to your bathroom, place a rug which feels extremely soft and textured. Having a rug in there also mean, no more cold feet in the morning.

Again, rugs are also available in many different textures and material. Go for one which feels soft to your feet and matches the theme of the bathroom. Just remember to place it far away from shower to avoid it from getting wet. Pom pom rug makes for a great cozy rug and if buying it is out of the question then you can DIY it easily at the convenience of your home.


Having a mirror in the bathroom is essential, but it’s also important that it matches the vibe of the bathroom and looks well placed. It not only makes for a nice décor item but also helps in creating an illusion of more space.

 Invest in a mirror which is as large as your bathroom space can handle, as it will help in reflecting the light to the room, making it look more spacious.

And if you are dealing with an old mirror which is in good condition then it can be subjected to a little makeover. You always have the option to show your creative side and do some DIY’s. Paint the frame of your mirror with bright color to add some pop to the bathroom.


Hanging towels on regular towel holders is too mainstream. Add some style to your bathroom by superseding those regular towel holders with some unconventional pieces like a rustic ladder. You can purchase it from various online websites at cheap rate. Place it aside the sink or nearby your shower.

Having them placed such a way is a big plus, as you wouldn’t need to drill a hole in the wall and at the same time, it will add some vintage and rustic vibes to the bathroom giving it the needed change.


You can never go wrong with an indoor plant placed anywhere inside your home. It is the best way of filling up the sparse spaces and to bring in the freshness. Adding them lush greenery makes the bathroom look bright and cheery in an instant. There are many varieties available for bathroom plants like spider plant, aloe vera, peace lily, etc. you can choose whatever option is available or feels the best to you. And if you are not one of those who likes taking care of their plants, but want to add some plants to the bathroom. Then you always have the option to invest in fake plants.


Painting a bathroom always sounds easy to achieve, considering how small the space is usually. But if you are looking to create a bathroom which looks extraordinary, then add wallpaper to some parts of your wall. They not only look beautiful but also add some character to the bathroom. There are many different colors and designs available to choose from. Just make sure they are water-resistant and of a durable nature.

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