Give your walls a different look with these fabulous ideas

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Whenever you think about ways to dress your bedroom walls, there is mostly a single idea that comes to your mind. And that idea is to paint them in the most charming way possible. But now if you are bored with that common conception and want to go with some other way to get a makeover for your room, we have something great in store for you. These ideas won’t give your walls a permanent treatment and you can remove them any time you want without any damage. Isn’t it cool? They are very easy to follow and interesting at the same time. Keep reading the space below to have a glimpse of them.

Fabric Walls

So how can you give your walls an appearance that it looks painted without actually having one? What you need to do is, pick a beautiful fabric and then put it on one or more of your walls. And if you want to upholster the walls of your bedroom, just choose a lightweight fabric like 100 percent cotton and paste it with the help of laundry starch. The best part about them is you can easily remove them whenever you want to transform your place by peeling it off and wiping away the starch residue.

Removable Wall Decals

While the above idea can give you a single type of a look, removable wall decals can provide you with any look you wish to have for your room. It can be anything from colorful and playful to classy and elegant. Pick something that reflects your personality such as if you are nature lover choose something related to realistic nature scenes. And if you are more sort of a reader kind of person, pick some amazing quotes, Have abstract patterns or sports motifs if you need that kind of look. Whatever you pick, have them on a single wall of your room. A popular spot for a decal wall is behind the bed.
Another innovative idea is to have a “window” on the wall to give a feel of beautiful outdoors. Make the whole scene playful by having small-small decals of birds, butterflies, and flowers meandering across the walls up to the ceiling.

A Garden Wall

This idea can help you to add a feminine touch to your room. Just grab a canvas, some glue and wildflowers to add a cottage style feel to your room. You can even have red roses if a romantic vibe is needed for some special occasion. Paste the artificial flowers you have bought on the large canvas until the entire surface gets covered. Then hang it onto the wall behind your bed. You can even have them as tile wall coverings. Regularly clean the canvas so that dust does not cling onto the arrangement.

Removable Wallpapers

Some wallpapers nowadays look like you have put paint on your walls. They can even be installed without the help of chemicals, making them easy to remove after a certain time of usage. No need to take the pain of removing the gum residue after you take out your used wallpaper anymore. Just pick a wallpaper with some charming landscape sceneries or the one with detailed images of flowers. Place it on the accent wall or behind the bed along with your headboard.

A gallery wall

This is the perfect way to make your room personalized. Though mostly added in living rooms, you can have a gallery wall in your bedroom as well. Choose a main focal point. It can be anything from a piece of art to a normal photo, and then design your gallery around it. Have an idea in your mind about how you would arrange them and then put it on the wall or to your bed. Have ample space between the frames so that they look clean, elegant and decluttered.

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