Design your home in Belgian Style

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If you are in a mood to experiment with the interior of your sweet home and add an altogether different flavor to it, we have a nice choice for you. We are talking about the Belgian style of interior. It is a perfect blend of simplicity and luxuriousness with the mix of vintage old and new. You would often find comparisons of Belgian style decor to that of shabby chic look. It is said that they are quite similar in appearance. But we would say that the Belgian style is a more modish kind of shabby chic look which is more clean, stylish and elegant.
It gives your home a nice comfortable and welcoming feel with warm neutral hues, oversized furniture, and organic materials. The biggest advantage this style offers is that you can easily combine it with your personal aesthetics and it won’t compromise a bit on the warm and cozy feel of your room. There is enough room to play and personalize it. Transform your place by maneuvering little changes and by adding that touch of elegance to it.

Have Warm Neutral Hues

The first feature of this unique aesthetic includes its neutral color palette. I would say this is the defining characteristic of the Belgian interior. This helps you in adding that needed warmth and coziness to the place. Don’t pick any of the neutral hues as not everything matches the Belgian style. Adopt neutrals that lean toward airy and light. They should be in tune with the unfinished wood or natural stone that you have added to enhance this stunning style.

Add elements from nature

You can’t have this charming style without incorporating elements from nature. It is kind of mandatory to add organic materials to complete the look. It can be anything such as wood, stone or ceramics. But it is recommended to have them in raw form rather than having it all polished and impeccably finished. That would not go with the Belgian style.

Incorporate Oversized Furniture

Use oversized furniture, but the secret is not too much of it. It is the staple of Belgian style that is generally upholstered in linen fabric. Follow the mantra “Less is More”. Keep it as minimal as possible to nail the complete look. You would always find a super-welcoming oversized furniture piece in a Belgian style of interior.

Add Lots of Linen

It has to be the basic element in the design of the Belgian style interior. This is because linen is a longstanding key natural resource of Belgium making it a staple of this interior design. Include it in the aesthetics by incorporating this fine material into the window treatments. Add to the elegance factor by having linen curtains for your space. They will make it look more modish and classy.

Have Plenty of Patina

What truly defines Belgian Style? We would say it is Patina. It is basically the sheen on wooden furniture and the appearance of oxidation on metals that describes Patina. The look it provides is purely vintage that gives a rich weathered feel to your space. Aged wood fits right in with the style with antique sculptural artwork.

Don’t forget natural light

The thing that is quite effortless to add the Belgian kind of interior. Natural light helps in enhancing every element of the design. It gives your place that stunning look that you always crave for. The hazy sunlight helps the aesthetic appear even softer and more welcoming. It adds to the overall look of the space complementing the whole design.

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