Spectacular decor ideas for your vanity room!

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If there’s anything that can win any woman’s heart besides the kitchen and walk-in closet while purchasing a house, then it is a vanity room. Every person likes having their personal grooming space, and there can be no better way of doing it than having your own vanity room. Beauty and vanity go hand in hand, and these two are very much a part of almost every woman’s life, so dedicating a space that you can proudly call as your vanity room is a really huge deal. And when it comes to decorating the vanity space, we women leave no chance to make it look dreamy and perfect from every aspect. The functionality of the room is not the only important factor to consider here; the decor also plays an important role in making the room appear neat and organized. If you are looking to decorate your vanity room for the first time or even if it’s your nth time modifying the space, you should always keep the room looking all beautiful and trendy. You can always use some other ideas besides your own personal preferences to beautify your vanity space, and to help you with that, we have listed 5 spectacular decor ideas that will leave your vanity room looking all gorgeous and perfect.

Make the use of gold accessories.


Gold is the most timeless color to be incorporated into the vanity room, and quite honestly, nothing can look as classic as gold-colored elements and accents. The key to acing the gold themed vanity room is to keep everything neutral and work up the gold color in the form of a framed mirror, a vanity chair, and other gold accents like the hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs, decor stuff, etc. All these elements help in creating a classic aura in the space. And for finishing touches, you can also add a bunch of flowers as well as fluffy furs for charming and beguiling appearance.

Lighted mirrors for glitzy and glamorous ambiance

Lighted mirrors are a perfect way to add glitz and glamorous vibes to the vanity room for that golden glow. And we truly believe that it can possibly be the best way to spruce up the look of your space and also to help you see your makeup more clearly, especially if your room is completely devoid of natural lighting. There are so many mirror options available in the market; you can pick the one that feels the prettiest to you and also serves the purpose quite effectively. Pretty flowers and fancy brush holders will add a certain charm to the room.

Display your personal collection


If your vanity room is huge enough, then there’s no better way to utilize it than displaying your personal collection of bags and many other items. You can organize them in a color-coordinated way for an aesthetically pleasing look. With so many things already going on in the room, keep the rest of things a little minimal like a transparent vanity chair with silver legs will make for an excellent choice.

Add a velvet chair/couch to the room.

Velvet is something that never fails to add a touch of glamour and a sense of style to the room and what else can be a better option than picking a velvet chair/couch for your dresser or vanity table. A velvet tufted couch in a really subtle shade will help in adding that glam factor to your room without needing to incorporate any other fancy element besides that. A silver table will go perfectly with a velvet couch.

Go old Hollywood style with black color.

If you have a thing for retro or even an old Hollywood concept, then this decor idea may just be the right choice for you. The timelessness and classic feel of the color black is quite a quick and effective way to elevate the look of your vanity space and also to make the room feel more purposeful. You can easily team up this shade with various shiny and sparkly materials like accessories. A hint of pink will further enhance the appearance of the room and make it appear classy chic.

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