Give your house a modern feel with these chandeliers

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Let’s take a moment and appreciate the very existence of this beautiful piece that has changed the perspective of many interior designers. We are talking about the chandeliers which have long been used since ages and continue to reign the interior designing world with equal importance. In earlier times, chandeliers used to be found only in modern and luxurious homes but that is not the case anymore. Today, they can be spotted in almost every single home, thanks to the whole range of variety we get to choose from. They are not only used as a ceiling light but also serves as a great and exquisite piece which can completely transform the space into a modern and beautiful one. They can create a huge impact to the way any room appears and adds an aesthetic touch to the space.

Chandeliers come in whole different styles, shapes, and types. You can opt for a piece that strikes the most to you and goes perfectly with the theme and vibe of the room.

1. Candle chandelier

As the name suggests, these chandeliers replicate the shape of a candle in the form of lights. This candle lighting chandelier often is seen as a formal style which comes with candle lights attached to corners of the extensions. Candle chandelier brings us back to the traditional roots, which today comes with some modern elements. Having this chandelier in your home will make the space appear more inviting and cozy. Such chandeliers can look good in any spacing but are considered to go well in the dining room setting because of its simple and minimal look. These chandeliers can be of any type, from one tiered to multiple tiered, every style looks equally amazing.

2. Sputnik chandelier

Sputnik chandeliers are a cool take on your regular ones. They highly speak of drama and gives a very interesting appearance to the space. And owing to their interesting designing, these chandeliers can be seen everywhere. The best thing about these chandeliers is they go with almost every single thing and together with other furnishing pieces makes the room look well put together and fancy. They literally hold this capacity to make a statement on their own and which is why they are one of the most loved pieces in our list. They are available in all different styles and finishes, which will give you a whole different variety to choose from.

3. Caged chandelier

Caged chandeliers are one of the most easiest and stunning pieces to add to your rooms. Their elaborated designing is what makes them stand out and attract all the attention in the room. Their cage like appearance is a modern take on all the chandeliers in which the lights are usually arranged and fixed at the center of the cage. Because of their beautiful designing and average size, they make for a perfect piece for entry way. Just like any other chandeliers, they also come in all different ranges and varieties. You can opt for the one that reflects your personal style and goes well with the vibe of the room.

4. Shaded chandelier

Shaded chandeliers are a perfect piece to add to your rooms if you are looking to create a soft, intimate and cozy spacing. They can be used to create a soft, medium and strong lighting depending upon the need and requirements of the room. You can easily create a lighting variation using shades of different thickness. Shades can be of any type, from beautifully patterned shades to plain ones, they come in all. These chandeliers come in all different styles and shapes; you can pick the one that suits your style.

5. Drum chandelier

As the name suggests, these chandeliers give a drum like appearance. The lights on this chandelier are basically surrounded by a huge cylindrical shade. Such pieces throw in very soft light which makes them an ideal choice for bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, etc. Also, the size of these chandeliers varies from small to medium, so adding them to your room will not be a trouble.

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