Decorative lamp shades for your space

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Illumination for any space is a must and if you can do that with fancy lamps, then why not? Lampshades have two benefits; they provide the perfect lighting for your space and also serve the purpose of a showpiece. Picking lampshades in unique designs and colors has become a thing now because everyone wants their home to look the best. A gorgeous lampshade has the potential to make your space look pretty and classy. It adds warm aesthetics with its lighting and thus, you must make a wise choice. The following are the best designs that we could spot for your space. Have a look and make your pick!

Empire lamp

This one is the classic lampshade that almost everyone has in their house. This is a classic and timeless piece and has failed to make an exit from our house for obvious reasons. Empire lampshade is a classic cone style lamp with just the perfect amount of size and design to it. It never looks over the top and complements every corner that it is placed in. An empire lampshade has a cone-like structure and that’s why it provides the perfect illumination as well. There are a lot of designs like colorful prints, block patterns, checks as well as bright colors that you can choose for your space and make the area look pretty. With this empire lampshade in one corner, you would notice the look of your area amp in a jiffy.

Bell-shape lamp


Another elegant lampshade that all of us love. This bell-shaped lamp has a unique appeal to it and looks like the bottom part of a dancing doll. Because of its shape, it has attracted a lot of people. This bell shape has a curvy brim which makes it look quite feminine. You can pick a bell lamp shade in a lot of fancy colors like wine, nudes and dark shades like black and brown. Everything looks beautiful. This lampshade is mostly spotted in hotel lobbies as well as palaces because it has a charming vibe in it. Sometimes the brim also flaunts tassels in contrast colors to create an impressive design. This skirt-shaped lamp is a part of classic decor and will give you vintage vibes.

Drum lamp

A drum lamp, as the name suggests, looks like a drum literally. The shape is as relatable as the drum and still looks very pretty. With no corners, this one has a cylindrical shape and has round brims on the top and bottom. The sides are tall and the brims are wide enough to provide a lot of illumination to whatever room they are placed in. The best thing about this lamp is that lighting flows equally towards the ceiling as well as the floor. This creates a lot of illumination in the room and also create a transitional look in the room. Pick this drum lamp in bright colors for the ultimate flattering. You can use it for your study area as well as your reading corner and have great lighting for your space.

Novelty lamp

This lampshade does not have one single shape. It comes in a lot of different shapes and thus, this is the unique feature. If you are looking for something that is unique and pretty, it should be this lampshade. There are so many sizes in this and one should always look for something that stands out from the rest. This one does! Eccentric in nature, this one is sure to lure your guests with its looks. You will spot these in unique shapes, although the illumination is limited. This one won’t give a lot of lighting to your space but it will definitely satisfy the aesthetics of your house. Pick it in any color you want or look for transparent glass novelty lamps. Such pieces are worthy of it all!

Chandelier lamp

As the name suggests, this is the most classy one out of the lost. Usually, Chandeliers are mounted on the ceiling and make the room look extravagant. But this one is a copy of that and is supposed to be placed on the side table. A chandelier lamp has a unique appeal and charming beauty to it. It has a branched out design with division and lines carved on the outside. Ornamental in looks, it has a very gorgeous design that cannot fail to flatter anyone. This fixture has become the epitome of royal beauty and classy vibes. It looks ultra-sophisticated and amps the look of the room in no time.

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