Know about different types of coffee table

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Everybody pays attention to what kind of sofa they want to get for their living room but do not pay any heed when it comes to buying a coffee table for the space. A coffee table is basically a table which is mostly placed in front of a sofa or alongside it. It offers support to various objects such as magazines, remote holder, books, etc. You can also choose to place beverages on the table to serve to your guests. Basically, what we want to say is that a coffee table is of great use not only in terms of practicality but also because of its ability to make the space feel complete and more welcoming. You can easily add some last minute finishing touch to your space by adding a beautiful coffee table to it.

Coffee table comes in all different types and styles. From wooden coffee table to glass coffee table, each type speaks of different vibe and styles. So that is up to you, which style you would want to go with. Now you must be wondering what all types of coffee tables are available in the market, fret not. We have got you sorted by listing some of the best pieces that are in our knowledge. Keep on reading to know about them.

1. Marble coffee table

If you are someone who’s in search of a table that has a certain wow factor to it then look no further than a marble coffee table. This coffee table speaks of fanciness which no one can go wrong with as they are quite versatile and looks really amazing with the other décor and furnishing pieces. Their durable nature and heavy material is what makes them differ from other coffee table types. The best thing about marble material is they come in all different colors. So you will have a whole range of colors to choose from. Black is the color for you if you are looking for a bold furniture piece. Otherwise, you can always go safe with cream-colored ones.

2. Wooden coffee table

Wood is the most preferred and used form of material for most of the furniture pieces. Their warm, rich and textured feel enables us to create cozy and welcoming space. And when it comes to their designing, wood is a very versatile material which can be customized into a variety of styles and designs. They can also be created in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for industrial feel or contemporary, every style adds a stylish touch to the space. They are also very durable, functional and can easily make a statement.

3. Glass coffee table

Glass coffee tables have started to gain popularity owing to their striking designing and various fancy elements. They look extremely gorgeous and add the needed character and personality to the space. Just like wooden coffee tables, glass tables can also be customized into different shapes, sizes, and styles. Give your space a touch of style and sophistication with these versatile glass tables. The legs of such tables are usually made of wooden but that can also be customized as per your choice or preference.

4. Metal coffee table

Metal coffee tables often speak of industrial vibes, yet they look so modern. This timeless table style can be manufactured into different shapes, styles, and sizes. They are usually stain and water resistant which makes them an ideal choice for people who have kids at home. Add a finishing touch to your living space with this stylish piece and let it do all the talking.

5. Leather coffee table

Tables with soft cushioning resemble that of an ottoman which makes for a perfect choice for people who like to prop their feet on table. These multifunctional leather tables feel very comfy and makes for a stylish addition to a traditional living space. They can be of any type, from button tuft and upholstered top to solid base, each style makes for an excellent choice. Some tables also offer storage space in the form of shelf that is attached at the end of the legs. You can use it to store magazines, newspaper and many other items

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