Get creative with the decor of your fireplace mantel

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Lucky and fortunate are those who have got a fireplace inside their house. If you’re one of those people who only decorate the fireplace mantel when there’s a festival around the corner or it’s the holiday season then my dear friend you’re doing nothing but wasting an opportunity to beautify your space even more and make it look more decorative and defined. Fireplace mantel can easily be the focal point of your room if you have decorated it the right way. It’s just another tiny space in the room that you can put to good use by adding some decorative elements on the top of it. Although, the mantel space is not large enough to include all your favorite pieces but you certainly can make it work through by adding selective pieces that can elevate the overall appearance of your fireplace. Being creative is the key to decorating the mantel space smartly and aesthetically and you surely wouldn’t want to miss a chance of boosting the visual interest of your room.
Luckily, there are so many fun and amazing decor ideas that will work like charm for your fireplace mantel.


Place a large mirror

Mirrors might be an obvious mantel decor choice, but they truly are one of the best objects to decorate the fireplace mantel with. You can benefit the fireplace mantel as well as the overall aesthetic of the room by placing a large single mirror. Mirrors literally can help you achieve so much in the room. This mirror trick especially works in the small space as it helps in creating an illusion of large and heightened space and also makes that area a focal point in the room. There are a variety of mirror options available in the market; you can pick the one that looks the best to you. However, before you finally decide on the location of the mirror, try to locate the best positions so that the mirror doesn’t reflect anything weird.


Layered art

To make things more interesting and fancy around the fireplace, you can consider layering a few art pieces or photographs on the mantel. You can either keep things simple and sophisticated by arranging the artwork of different sizes in a single line or you can spice the decor up a bit by arranging them on top of one another for extra depth and classy look. You don’t have to put extra effort or think deeply while putting the artwork on the fireplace mantel. Let everything flow smoothly to keep the display of your mantel effortless and organic.


Spruce up the look with fresh greenery

This is probably the easiest way to dress up your fireplace mantel. No extra efforts, no contemplations, no worries, this decor idea can wonderfully for that space and can easily turn it into a focal point of the room. To liven up the mantel, you can add some fresh flowers along with some greenery for that needed texture and the colors. The kind of texture flowers provide to the room is hard to be achieved by any other decor piece.


Metallic accents

A little bit of bling can work magically for your mantel space. It is probably the easiest way to illuminate the area and make it appear more bright and prominent. Look for metallic accents such as mirror, candlesticks or other decorative elements to spruce up the look of the mantel. Decorate with either just one metallic accent or mix and match it with other metals, either way, playing with metals will create a modern-looking space.


Keep the decor to minimal

Sometimes, less is more and that’s exactly what this decor idea is all about. You don’t have to go all out with decorating the mantel space. Something as little as a vase of flowers placed along with an artwork and one or two candles can make a world of a difference in the way mantel appears. This is the easiest you can go with minimalist decor without making things look boring and basic.

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