The most gorgeous flowers to plant in your garden

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Beautifying your garden is as important as keeping the inside of your house gorgeous and beautiful. An outdoor garden is an important part of your house which also helps in enhancing your abode’s curb appeal. While there are indefinite ways to spruce up your garden but there’s nothing that works as magically and effectively as adding some flowers do. Having a colorful, vibrant and lively outdoor space not only works wonderfully for your home but it also helps in bettering your mood by giving you a soothing, jovial environment. Whether it’s the beautiful mix of colors that tempts you or it’s the aromatic fragrance that positively affects your mood, adding beautiful flowers to your garden can be the key to anything.

If you are planning to plant some flowers in your garden and are looking for some ideas, then you have come to the right place. We have rounded up a list of some of the most beautiful flowers you can grow in your garden but before purchasing them, make sure they grow well in your region.



Foxglove, widely known for its attractive looks and the ability to beautify your private outdoor gardens. These beautiful flowers are biennial in nature, which means that they produce foliage in one season and flowers the next. Tubelike flowers and tall structures are two distinctive features of this plant. You can easily spot these flowers in many country and cottage gardens. As far as its variants are concerned, they come in numerous varieties featuring some of the most uncommon and beautiful flowers following eye-catching patterns and in unexpected rich colors.



The rich color of the flowers is the main highlight of this flower type. The flower got its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, iris. You can find these flowers blossoming in a wide spectrum of colors ranging from deep purple to bright yellow. Their availability in many different shades is the reason why it’s named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow. To keep reinvigorating the flowers, keep dividing the bulb-like rhizomes every few years. These plants are easy to grow in your garden as they are quite tough and low maintenance in nature.



Sunflowers are probably the easiest yet one of the most beautiful flowers to grow in your garden. Depending on the type you are planting, they can grow as tall as 16 feet, while the shortest type will probably reach the height of 6 feet. Sunflowers perfectly embody the summery vibe and helps in adding a dash of color and energy to your garden space. Growing sunflowers is relatively easy and they are very low maintenance, proving to be less demanding. You can sow the seeds of this flower in a sunny and sheltered spot whilst also providing good support to the plant stems so that it doesn’t break.



Growing dahlia in your garden is literally a piece of cake. They are grown from small tubers that are planted in the spring season and they result beautifully in colorful spiky flowers that usually consist of small poms and single daisy-like flowers. While dahlia can survive in almost all the climatic conditions but they don’t usually do well in hot, humid weather. Whether you are going with the gorgeous dinnerplate dahlia blooms or the miniature version that looks as cute as a bunny, growing dahlia in your garden will beautify the space even more. Use rich, well-drained soil with a slightly acidic ph for its proper growth.



Hydrangea is one of its own kinds which can help to add a certain charm and appeal to your garden. They literally hold this amazing capacity to steal the show in your garden. These summer flowers start to bloom at the beginning of summers and they remain in their bloomed state for several months. You can spot these flowers in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from lace caps to mophead; including colors like pink and blue to white and yellow.

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