Sip Sip Hooray: Building The Perfect Bar cart

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We all love to relax, don’t we? And that’s the reason why we create such rejuvenating spots in our house. A home bar is one of such places in our house where we like to relax, have a quiet drink after a long day and besides enjoying ourselves we also enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones visiting your home. Moreover, we all love to entertain, hosts guest in our house sometimes for a purpose and sometimes just like that only. So, adding a bar to your home is a must. It’s a part of the modern lifestyle. It’s a great addition to your house.
The bar carts provide a chic and fun element to your house. In case you don’t see using it much and perhaps find it to be wastage, trust us it can be a great vintage decorative piece that pulls the attraction of each one visiting your house. Though decorating a bar cart doesn’t involve any rocket science there are certain elements that every bar cart should have and a few simple rules to follow that will keep it looking stylish, so we recommend you follow these basic steps while decorating your chicer bar cart. These formulas will work wonders in decorating any bar cart.



Bar carts are all about what you serving in. Buying expensive bar carts and decorating it lavishly is annul unless you serve ambrosial liquor in it. The expensive cart and elegant decoration can pull your guest from a distance but what really will attract him in quaffing are the drinks arranged on it. So, try to curate a good variety of drinks that relishes and matches the taste of everyone who dines at your house.
The bar cart should be an assemblage of various sorts of drinks: standard spirits (which are all-round spirits)-gin, whiskey and vodka, seasonal drinks like Limoncello and rums, Baileys and Amaretto.



Another essential in your bar cart has to be glasses. Try to keep a good array of glasses there, from tumblers, to shot glasses, champagne flutes and a good vintage one. There should be a display of gorgeous glassware at your cart.


The one thing that will really take your drink trolley or room to the next level style-wise is the addition of accessories.
When accessorizing a bar cart, try to pick a theme or finish. Here are a few sophisticated accessories to boom up your bar room.

A cocktail shaker-

Do add a cocktail shaker to your list. There’s something lovely about cocktail shaker. You can opt from gold ones, shiny silver ones, pink ones, and beautiful wood ones. They offer plenty of designs to choose from.

An ice bucket
An ice bucket is also a very important element when it comes to accessorizing your bar room. The bar cart is not something pretty to look at but also to be called into service at a moment’s notice. We don’t want our guests to root under the frozen peas to find the ice for their drink.


Tray and other utensils

A bar strainer, a twisted bar spoon, a muddler, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew are all vital additions to your bar cart trolley. Also include a tray as having a tray allows you to carry drinks over to guests easily. These are the basic items in pottery that enable the running of your bar in full working order.


A piece of art
Incorporating a piece of art will add some personality to your bar. You can hang printable wall art painting at the wall of your bar room or bar cart. They will just spice up the whole vibe of the room.

Something living
Everyone should add something living to your bar room for giving it a very airy and brighten up the vibe. You can add a lovely plant, a bunch of flowers or even a small bowl of fruit they will be good to add a bit of life to your cart. These living items make your bar at its best.

Something quirky

Another thing you can add to your cart is a few lemons or limes. Not only because we use them in our cocktails, but they add a nice color as well.
You can also add some small pocket guide to cocktail recipe books, napkins, and as a serving towel in a fun print

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