Fun and Refreshing ideas to style a Teen’s Room

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You should be really thoughtful when designing a room for your teens. It will not be just a place that is required for sleep but a place where they can open up themselves and express everything. The room should be designed in a way that represents their dynamic personality. It should be updated with the trending designs with very intricate detailing. Make sure that you create a place where all their passions tie together. Some may still want that childish vibe to their room while some would want to have a certain level of sophistication to it. Whatever you do should match up to their expectations and aspirations.
Design it in a way that their whole world has been represented in it and they feel it like their own self-contained apartment. It should be so versatile that they can do everything they want, like hang out with their friends, comfortably lounge and read their favorite book, get their homework done, etc.
The ideas you present should look cool as well as increase the functionality. Try to keep it vibrant and energetic as it truly reflects a teen’s personality. Keep reading the space to know some of the fun ideas.

Keep a Bold wall Design


As we have mentioned above that teens love to have places that are energetic and vibrant. They should feel that kick and a sudden burst of energy when they enter their personal space. So whenever you decide on how to design the walls of the room, you can pick one or more of these brilliant ideas-

  • Opt for chalkboard paint or a graffiti wall
  • Have Removable wall decals
  • Keep the colors bright with geometric designs
  • Add customized wall treatments
  • Print their favorite quotes in lighted marquee signs

Try to make it Fun

Teenagers love places that have some playful elements in them. Use your creative mind to add as much entertainment factor you can. Make a place full of amusement and enjoyment by adding innovative and imaginative features in it. We have combined some of the unexpected factors that can leave them awestruck.

  • Install a cool swing or hanging chair
  • If possible, try to incorporate a hanging bed
  • A Round Bed will also be just fine
  • Add a Wall-mounted Fish Tank

Design a Multipurpose Area

If you are considering it as a casual bedroom space that is used for sleeping, we must tell you a teen’s bedroom is not the same kind. It is more than that. As they grow, they need a place where they can freely hangout, lounge, and study with their friends. Try to incorporate social elements as much you can. Work out some of these ideas by discussing it with your teen. Use some creative approaches if you have space constraints.

  • Customized study area with storage space
  • A place to lounge with friends
  • Cozy sleep area
  • A small bench against the footboard of the bed
  • Throw pillows and a cool colorful rug
  • Corkboards or magnetic dry erase boards
  • A Slim Sofa Table

Add some Cozy textures

As we have mentioned above that the place should be such that they can relax comfortably over there, so think of elements that could add on to it. Apart from a nice bed and other furniture items, have some features that would add a relaxing feel and vibe to the place. Incorporate some cute designs, soft textures, smooth fabrics like these:

  • Patterned Curtains
  • Plush bedding
  • Faux fur rug
  • Flocked velvet wallpaper
  • Fuzzy or soft throw pillows
  • Hanging fringe

Create a functional storage space

You have to be very smart with this aspect as it can be difficult for teens to keep their room well-maintained and organized. Create smart storage options that they would appreciate and would help them to make their room clean and tidy. Make sure to keep it fun and playful that matches up with their personality. Have a cool bedroom decor they would love for years to come by creatively picking dressers, storage benches, shelving, etc.

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