Key factors to consider while choosing bathroom windows

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It is required to have at least one window in your bathroom that can offer your space natural light as well as proper ventilation. Don’t forget to keep the privacy element while installing one in your home. Consider each of these three factors while choosing a bathroom window as it is a perfect blend of all of them. It will play a major role in creating the bathroom of your dreams. As often, it has been said that to keep your bathroom environment fresh and away from mold or mildew, you should open the window for at least 15 minutes after showering.
And when it comes to purchasing one, we must tell you that they are available in various sizes, types, and prices. Consider your needs, your priorities, and then proceed accordingly. Plan whether you want it just for privacy purposes or prefer to have it as something that increases aesthetic value. The points we have mentioned below would help you to pick the correct one.

Pick the Right Size

There are various factors to consider when you have to choose the size of your window. Like your budget, the amount of light you need in your space, the location where you would install it, the level of privacy you want, whether you want it covered or not, etc. For example, if you are low on budget, you should prefer a small transom window than a wall of windows that would require a lot of money. Even its location may make your budget alter.

Types of Windows

There are a number of choices available you can consider to buy when it comes to bathroom windows. Below we have mentioned a few popular ones.

Hopper Windows- You can pick this one if you need ventilation as they provide you with an excellent one. But you must be aware that they don’t help in keeping away rain and snow. They are designed in a way that they open downward and can be likely placed higher on a wall.
Crank Windows- These window designs generally come with a hand crank. Available in two styles, window treatments like stylish curtains can be incorporated in them, unlike the Hopper ones. Its first variant known as casement windows opens like a shutter to the outside, making it possible for rain and snow to get inside. While its second variant, awning windows typically opens up from the bottom, keeping rain and snow outside even when left open.
Transom Windows- These are more kind of windows that provide you with the apt stunning look but doesn’t give you that necessary ventilation. It is basically a window that is placed high in a wall and has a long, skinny structure. This can provide you with a good amount of sunlight and necessary privacy.
Textured glass or glass block windows- Available in various patterns and textures, they provide you privacy and that too without any window treatments. Each of its types offers a unique and different level of light filtration and privacy. If you don’t like to have window treatments, you can pick this design.

Installation costs

It is an important factor to consider when you think of having a new bathroom window or replacing the existing one. In case you are replacing it and using the same window size as the previous one, it would cost you the least. But if you are planning to have a new one, the installation costs will include the labor and supplies and the structural changes you need to make.

Compare costs and Read reviews.

Do not forget to compare the costs of different window designs. A simple design would obviously cost you less than a complex one. Keep in mind your requirements and pick the most affordable and cost-effective design. Read customer reviews to have an overall idea to make an informed decision.

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