Decorative Candles that you can use for an enchanting mood

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Out of all the home decor items ever curated, Candles are literally the best way to add a vibrant mood to your space. If you think about it, you will realize how important it is to have these as a part of your home decor. They make any small or big space mush more peppy with their fascinating aroma and looks. They serve as a gorgeous decor piece and also add to the warm aesthetics of your house. When you will begin searching for the perfect decorative candles, you will spot a lot of them and all of them are equally alluring. They come in many distinct shapes, scents, and sizes in vivid colors. You can have them as a part of your decor in as many numbers as you want. Create a perfect indoor ambiance for your home and light up your exteriors as well.

Taper Candles

Typically long in design and traditional in their look, Taper candles are one of the most used candles in every household. They are mostly set in a candle holder because the base is too small to support the entire candle for a long time. But once they are lit, they last for about a good 10 hours and add illumination to your space. the length of these candles is long and that is why they look traditional. If you can remember, you might have seen them already on a dining table whenever a candle-light dinner is planned. They have that kind of vibe to them. You can use them for organizing an aesthetic dinner for your guests and pick them in vibrant colors for a peppy mood.

Votive Candles

Usually placed in small glass containers that are round or square in shape, these Votive candles are super cute in their design. They look great when they are placed in clusters and more than four or five in multi-colored containers. This way they add to the overall space and look much more ambient. Also, the primary purpose of these candles is to add vibrancy and a romantic mood to your space. They also give illumination and are absolutely smokeless. They are meant for decor purposes mainly and that is why you should pick them whenever you feel like relaxing. use them to surprise your partner or near your bathtub whenever you feel like relaxing.

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles, as the name suggests, are very thick and thus, they can last for a longer time. They last for about 3-4 hours and thus make for the most gorgeous candles for your space. They can come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors with short and long lengths. You can place your pillar candle on a broad holder so that it looks much prettier. Pick them in self-design, wax design or even gel design for the most flattering looks. Such candles look voluminous and thus can be placed in the bathroom, on your dining table or in the living area for the perfect ambiance. The glow of these candles lights up the room with a warm tone giving a more romantic atmosphere.

Floating candles

As the name goes, Floating candles are placed in a bowl of water and are let loose to float wherever they want. They are super light in weight that is why they are able to float on water. Such candles are seen in multiple designs and colors like flowers, round shapes, star shapes, etc. They are meant for the center table in any area like the living room or dining room so that they can bless the look of your table. Adding a special effect on the overall beauty of your area, these candles can turn out to be the most aesthetic oriented option for your space.

Aromatherapy Candles

These scented candles are the most loved candles in the entire lot. from all the aforementioned candles, these ones are worth the buy if you wish to add an edgy look to your space along with the perfect aroma. They have commonly been used for romantic dinners and couple surprises when one of the partners wants to spruce up the bedroom or the living room. Such scented candles come in an array of scents that can overpower the air of any space and make you feel enchanted. These candles contain special oils and because of that, you will find many different fragrances in this range.

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