Dining room decor small to big house

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These days’ people prefer to live in their own personal space, and they don’t like to share their space with an outsider so, a home doesn’t consist of more than 4-6 people. Thus usually people have dining table arrangement for 6-8 people maximum. Adding a dining table is must for a home as; this is the place where the family gets together to share a meal along with their day to day routine. Since the beginning of time, people have been busy with their day chores and night was the time, when whole family use to sit together and have their meal. Thus, we suggest you to view the design and choose a comfortable dinner table for your home.


Classic Look

This is the perfect look if you are a family of four. A brown table with a rectangle dining table cloth with some flowers on it could be a look of your dining table. You can add some fresh flowers on everyday basis. If you don’t find time in your day to get fresh flowers then, buy some artificial flowers which imitate real ones. Add the couch look chairs to the table. The couch chairs are comforting thus; you sit for longer period on these and put on gossip all day. Adding bland look painting to the wall will give the room a subtle look. You add put a big indoor plant in the room if you like somewhere around the corner. Most important part of this look is the lights; add some cylindrical glass yellow lights to offer you some warmth during dinner.


Vintage Design

Earlier days we use to have craft embroidered table legs. The table you need for this look is just like that with some modern touch of four legs chairs. Add on a solid light color chair to the polished table. Some button locks around the corner of the chair give it a royal look. Another touch is candles. Get the silver candle stands out on your home table. Put the silver stand with candle on them. In place of a chandelier, you can add wooden frame with glass in center. Choose a glass which doesn’t break on if heated. You can add on candle to this wooden frame. Put some indoor plants to this room and the dining room is perfect.


Tiny Space

Not all of us could afford to devote a whole room for dining table. Thus, how can you do this arrangement in a tiny space? The hall or the drawing room is the huge room of the house. Choose a corner of this hall; add a round table to the place along with four chairs around. The round table will offer space to the person sitting around the wall corner. Since, we are short of space adding cushion chair is not a great idea. Add some wooden simple chairs. You can distinguish the wooden polish for table and the chairs. Keep the center table black and the chair golden white. Above the table, hang chandelier which could hold candles to add a classic look. In the center of the table, if you like add a flower vase giving a little natural touch.


In-Built Dining Table

If you are renovating your home then, you can get the in-built dining room to your home. To get this look, choose a location next to the wall. The space could be rectangular, if there are 6 or 8 people sitting arrangement. You can get a square shape for an arrangement of 4. Place a glass table in center and add a center piece to the table. Adding a hanging modern texture chandelier will complete the look.


Modern island shelf

These days we have modernized structure kitchen that have island shelves. If you have ample space in your kitchen then, getting another dining table seems to be a waste of space. Stretch that shelf a little extra and add bar stoles to it. Well this isn’t something too formal as a dining table but it is great to serve hot food to the family members. It is nothing too fancy so you can keep a fruit basket in center and add some yellow hanging lights.

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