Bedroom Themes for Modern Homes

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Decorating your own personal space feels like heaven, no one likes their home to look like a piece of mess. Whenever one gets a house or apartment our first preference is to decorate it with the most amendable piece of art for which, we roam around place to place in search of a perfect status or showpieces. While we are in search we don’t really fix up a theme for the room. A theme which will suit or appeal to the couple’s personality or while planning the room arrangement of a teen what are his likes and dislikes are. Now, since you have brought those wonderful looking things, you need to place them somewhere in the room. Somehow we don’t end up please with these look. They look like a normal and not wonderful as there is no particular theme. The art sculptures are so distinguished and so expensive but, rather increasing the beauty of the room it makes it appear like a clutter. It becomes so important that you set your mind with the theme and color coordination of your room before going shopping. We have mentioned some of the themes that can come in use.

Parisian theme

To add a Parisian theme to your bedroom you need to add either snow blue or pink to your room. If the colors are something you like then, you can check further. For a Paris theme an Eiffel Tower to your room and with the hash tag line ‘OOH LA LA LA’ is a must. To add texture to the walls paint the wall in blue and white strip. You can place a dress sculpture to your room. Then, you can add a vintage look watch to your room. If you want to add paintings then go for the painting in black color sheet on a sandy paper. If you aren’t a fan of painting then, the birdcage on the window will look perfect.


Tennis court theme

Boys this theme is for you, if you are a sports lover then, this is the room arrangement for you. The room paint should be black and white. Let the 3 walls white and last one black. Add some wooden shelves with black paint on the bed head wall, the rest of the furniture has to be in brown. Now you can add some green round pillow, with a brown bed sheet add some black blankets. You can add some art related to tennis on the bed head shelves. You can add a brown side table with the green side table lamp.


Beach house

To have a beach house you need to add on some sand-colored rugs to the room. Secondly, the furniture should be a little brownish, including the cupboard, beds idea table and sofa chairs. You can install the room sealing made of wood and adding wooden flooring can give it another wooden touch. You can add on some room shade plants. You can at a hut shape of jute made lamp in the room. Adding some floral orange, white painting will be another good idea or adding a beach wallpaper to one of the walls with add the beach view to the room. You can add a coconut tree painting if you live. The look will reflect the warmth of the beach in your room.


Yellow black and white

The color combination is simply amazing for a living room or a bedroom. Color the walls white add sofa set of yellow color to the room or for a bedroom add white furniture with yellow bed sheet. Adding a side coffee table of white color with white chair will add on glamour to the room. The side table can have wooden lamps with yellow hat. Adding a black dressing to this bright room will manage the colors just fine. You can fill the bed head wall with some black frames, where you can place your favorite art forms or family and friends pictures.

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