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Jayson home has an impressive collection of vintage decor. In there you will find the beautiful armchairs, sofas, table and the small items for your kitchen such as platter severing tray, cheese board and not to forget the bar stools. They assure that the product is kept in an up-to-date manner so that the customers don’t regret their purchase. You will find here some great value products which were of great importance during its time in the past. The prices are reasonable for the products they are offering. Today we will be talking about a few of the fancy stuff they posse and is available for sale in today’s time. So let’s talk about these items.



As you know settees are a like a two setter sofa. Just that you see some wooden legs and arms visible in these. So they have 4-5 options in this settees, one of which is a rattan settee, it’s a complete wooden settee and in perfect condition for sitting. These will look great when placed on the porch and your house garden. You can pair these with the table about which we will talk in a while. Another French settee is in turquoise linen and wooden frame. This piece will look extravagant in your living room. It’s a piece from the 19th century, so if you loved the 19th century way of life get it now.


Table Cabinets

The cabinet designs are simply mind-blowing. They have cabinets to be placed in the bedroom or dining room or your living room. Just place these where ever you like and they will increase the beauty of that room. Holder of three spacious drawers made up of a brass wood and painted with the black mahogany. It’s a beauty to keep in any room of your home. This piece is just an interesting addition to your room. It’s called Zann Sideboard. It’s an inspiration for the brutalist design and you will understand why it’s called that once you see the piece. It has the pointed wooden carving pieces all over it and has four big cabinets to keep your stuff.



So you have a huge variety of dining table about which we will talk in detail. Apart from that, you have got some library tables, harvest tables, which could be used in the hallways as a side table and you can decorate it with the help of some candles and flowers. Then you have got a woodwork table which will have wheels that can be added to the backyard garden decoration and will look fabulous. Coming to the dining table they literally have got both modern and vintage look tables which could company around 4 to 8 people. Find the one for you, a few suggestions are a square Lucite table it’s a beautiful little vintage little modern piece of dining table and the small gold pieces around the corner gives an exceptional look.


A huge, huge variety of chairs for your home decor, I mean the antique parlor chairs are a beauty for sore eyes. These are aesthetic and phenomenal. Apart from that the dining chairs some of them do have a set of 4 or 7 and have that antique touch to it. if you find a single piece you can use it as a head member chair and add a charm to the dining room. Then the armchairs are just the ones you need. They have got that engraved texture in the wood which wins your heart in one look. The lounge chairs are another touch to the home decor.
Apart from these items, you find many more small items such as bedside lamps, sconce, and chandelier. So now you know the stop to look for vintage decor items, go get some for your pretty home.

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