New Fashioned Curtains for Home

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Curtains are the basic decorations, every person implies to their homes. However there are so many options, one cannot simply make out the best choice for them. They take the help of an interior designer to get the perfect curtain look for different rooms of their homes. Why do you have to pay such a grand amount to find the curtain design for your home? There are so many ideas waiting for you to be read online and our today’s post is one of them. We have gather information on smart curtains that will beautifully decorate your homes and make your home appear elegant and superior. One basic tip is that you need to use neutral colors. The reason behind the use of neutral is the merge well with the walls and make the room appear wider than it usually is. Moreover, usage of these colors allows natural light to travel in your home whereas; the darker shades make your room appear dark in the day time as well.


Color Coordination

Everyone loves to do something different to their homes, you can try to color coordinate. If you are planning to put the curtain in the living room coordinate solid furniture of your home. I personally believe that mustard or yellow color appears good in such combination. If your home sofa set is off-white then, beige and off-white curtain will look good. Neutral color will not only give a special look to your living room alongside it will make the room look bright, which could not be done with the help of other colors. Having a light blue color sofa set along with light blue color curtains seems to be another good option.


Two- Smudged Color

We have discusses how neutral colors look in a room. If you have a large glass window in your home, that means you love brightness in the room. Installing dark colors at such a place will not let sunlight pass through your room and getting a neutral color will be something casual or boring for a bedroom. Then, you can get curtains in two colors; it should appear to be something as a die on cloth. The colors should merge with each other or blend properly. The light combination that could be used here is white with grey or sunlight yellow with a hint of orange. This will brighten up the room just as you want.


Flora Print

Flora consists of both flowers and leaves. You can get these in tons of colors with large leaves or flowers prints on cloth but, I believe that the larger print gives it a look of bed-sheet rather than curtains. I suggest you to go for small prints of flowers and leaves. This pattern could be easily located by you. Finding the perfect color for your room can be an issue in this case. Well mostly people keep light color for the room in this scenario peach color with this print can be a perfect curtain for you. Similarly, look for a matching color curtain or a contrast color with the color of the walls.


Symmetrical Print

Symmetrical print is the usual pattern used by roommates, to make precise divisions of the room space. Well, these prints come in square, triangle, circle or oval pattern. You can choose any particular print that suits you and make the change in your bedroom. The pattern looks cool in the bedroom only, if you apply this pattern in the living room then, you will not appreciate the end look. Try out color such as black and creamy in a square print pattern or another geometry figure that you learned during schooling.


Block art print

This style can be related to something ethnic. You can have a base color and then, you can add some block prints on it. You can try this at home as well if, you are fond of painting. You need some solid color curtains of your choice, a sketch or block you want to print with some fabric color. Now, aligned the blocks as you like and move the brush on it. If you have bought a green color curtain, then a printing block with silver or gold paint is a good option. Take any color silver and gold paint will go along well with them.

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