Bedding ideas for a hotel-like feeling

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We spend most of our time in our bedroom relaxing or reading a book in peace. A bedroom is the most comfortable place in our homes and we tend to decorate it with everything beautiful! So many countless hours are spent sleeping or lying in bed then why not make it a luxurious hotel-like experience every day? Beds should be of ultimate comfort with beautiful designs and fancy sheets so that we can experience that hotel-like feeling and relax in luxury. This gives immense happiness and is the key to perfect home decor.

We looked out on some helpful tips to create a beautiful sleeping space for you. For starters, you must always pick soft linens and theme pillows to create a unique pattern in the room. You can add color or keep it neutral as per your choice. But whatever it is, never overdo it.

A Patterned Comforter

Get rid of the traditional white sheets that are nothing but boring. Instead, pick a fancy comforter set for your bedroom that has a stylish pattern on it. By simply adding a pop of pattern, there is an instant pump in the overall look. The bedding looks much more classy and trendy. Moreover, there are many styles to choose from. You can pick stripes, floral prints, animal prints, hues, and pastels- anything of your choice. They add a luxury feel to your regular bed and you’ll love sleeping on it even more!

Linen Sheets

Hotels use the most premium quality of sheets ever tailored to provide you with ultimate comfort. They are so soft and smooth that’s why we crave that feeling. We can feel that at our homes by using soft linen sheets that are so warm and smooth to touch. Linen sheets are also available in many colors and designs. For a sophisticated look, it is best to pick your linens in soft hues and pastel colors. Go minimalistic on picking sheets for a classy look. If you like color, there is no harm in picking dramatic colors too. Linen makes a lot of difference in the overall look of the room.

Designer Pillows

When you pick a patterned comforter set, you obviously can’t place old colorless pillows with them. Pillows are like an accessory for the bed and bring vibrancy to the room too. There is no limit to picking pillows. They can be dramatic or graphic, printed or neon, zig-zag pattern or stripes; everything depends on the theme of the room and how you feel about it. Think of yourself sitting on the bed and what you would like the most. Go for handcrafted designs if you love tradition. Go for dark hues if you love pop culture. This improvisation will definitely give you a king-bed vibe.

A Throw Blanket

After you have set up the entire bed with the best quality layers, it is time to throw a blanket on the top as a finishing touch. It is a very important addition to dress up your bed. It is the extra layer on the bedding to comfort you in winters but in hotels, it is usually placed during all seasons. It has become a style quotient and a contemporary design element that cannot be eliminated. It changes the entire look of your bed. Look for fancy designs an eye-catching colors in blankets to add contrast to your bedding. The decorative pillows, comforter set, and the blanket should be matched with each other so that the bedding doesn’t look gaudy.

Ruffles and Layers

Lastly, after everything has been said and done, you can add this design element to your bedding for the ultimate feel of any luxurious hotel room. Multiple layers on the bed create a step look at the bedside which looks extravagant. It is classy and gives a very feminine look to the bed. For more precision, you can use ruffle edges sheets and give a very charming design to the bedding. A floral blanket on top will be like a cherry on the cake. These delicate details matter a lot in every hotel room. So if you want to have it in your bedroom, this is one of the best ideas!

Always match your colors with the tone of the room. Matching doesn’t mean picking the same colors, it means picking those colors that fit perfectly with each other. Go through a color palette and pick the best ones!

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