How To Choose The Perfect Sheets For Your Bed

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A good bedding means, a good night sleep. The amount of comfort a bed provides while sleeping, not only depends on the selection of a  mattress but also on the sheets being used for your bed. After all, sheet comes in direct contact with our skin so it sure needs to be of the best quality and should feel soft and comfy at the same time.
People often regret buying sheets which are on the costlier side thinking it would do the job, but that’s not true in every case. As the quality and the amount of comfort a sheet provides largely depends on various factors like the thread count, weave, material and the fit. So one should always keep these factors in their mind before investing in one.

it is said that more the thread count the better the sheet but that’s not always the case. The number of thread count doesn’t determine the worthiness of a sheet. Sheets with as low as 200-400 number of thread counts can work well too. The lesser the number of thread count the lighter it feels, they feel super soft and light on skin. Contrary to these are sheets with thread count of more than 1000, they feel more drapey and gives luxurious feel. But these sheets doesn’t make for the best option during summers. As with the amount of thread count being involved, body heat gets trapped inside it hence making it difficult for air to go through.


The material of sheet completely remains a personal choice. With a wide range of material options available in the market you can choose what feels the best to you. Some material like cotton, bamboo, linen are the best options among them. With cotton being the best option, as it feels very light, soft and breathable. Linen is also quite a popular choice because of its thermal properties, which helps us keeping warm during winters and cool during summers. These sheets also feel super breathable and gives a luxurious feel. But they tend to get little wrinkly very shortly.


The way different types of cotton sheets feel different can be to attributed to its weaving style. Sheets are manufactured using different weaves, hence different texture. They are available in different varieties, varying from light and crispy to silky and smooth. You can choose among cotton sateen, cotton percale and cotton flannel, each of them make for a good sheet.

It is very important that you get the right size of sheets for your bed, otherwise it may end up looking too big or too small on bed. Always get the sheets of right measurement, as size of a sheet greatly depends upon the size of the bed. So you want to be double sure about it before making any purchases.


Before investing in any sheets, you should double check it by feeling the fabric and texture of the material. Don’t get fooled by its fake composition. As some manufacturers use low-quality cotton pretending it to be of high quality, which results in the formation of a cheap quality sheets.
With all these things being considered, you should invest in sheets which matches with your entire bedding and the theme of the room. After all, with all that comfort you would also want your room to look complete and match your aesthetic.

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