DIY ideas to revamp your garden

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It doesn’t really matter whether your garden is a small space or a big one. What really matters is that you have a garden and a craving to decorate it. Decorating your garden the correct way is like accessorizing yourself with the right jewelry. It amps up your look and brings that Wow-factor to your personality. Similarly, the garden is an inevitable part of our homes. When someone arrives at our place, the first thing they see is this green space. So it is very important to cast a good first impression by decorating it with the best things possible. And it’s not just about others, we can have a really good time sitting amidst our garden, sipping a cup of tea, relaxing, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Sure we can add flowers and tons of greenery but we must add our personal and creative touch to it. It’s a lot of fun because the options are virtually endless! Here are a few of the best options we could find to help you turn your garden area into a fun and playful space-

Hang Colorful Lanterns

What attracts the eyes the most is a pop of color in everything. Whether it is your wardrobe or your house, adding a dash of color never fails to attract attention. There is so much you can do like adding colorful flowers and fancy pots in your lawn. But one of the best DIY ideas is to hang colorful lanterns in one corner or on the tree on a funky style. It looks very artistic and playful. Lanterns in different shapes are a great idea to give a statement look to the garden. At night they can throw a beam of light on the lawn and make the whole area look lively. Pick lanterns in bright colors like red and yellow for a vibrant mood.

Recycle old Tins

Using terracotta pots is a traditional idea to display your plants and flowers. But there is no hard and fast rule that only clay pots should be used in the lawn. We can always mix and match a few things, think out of the box and create new ideas to give a makeover to the garden. Look for those old paint tins that are lying in your garage maybe. They can be used to place your plants and flowers in a unique way. Paint them in any color you want or draw something artsy on them to show your creative side. The point of doing this is two-fold: firstly, they look very attractive and show that you put effort; secondly, they are recycled instead of going into the trash. What an affordable way to decorate your garden!

Add Vintage Seating

It’s always good to add a set of vintage seating in the center of your garden place. Place a set of chairs with a classy coffee table in the center to chill in the evening. It’s a great way to make the area look elegant and worth spending time. You can also add a nice umbrella top or gazebo for beachy feels. Listen to some music and relax in your aesthetically designed lawn area. Also, pick graphic pillows to add contrast and color to the seating. You can even place a comfy couch and make a lounging spot in the garden. There is no need to go classic, just go through your creativity and develop the best that you can. Everything playful looks amazing!

Revamp the Lighting

The garden area also requires the perfect lighting to illuminate the space and create a focus on the important things. With the right lighting, it can look as good as an elegant seating area. For the perfect DIY idea, look for rope lights or a string of lights that come in bright colors. Hang them around the trees or on the porch to light up your area. Lighting creates a hell lot of a difference and there is no denying the fact that it adds a personal and funky touch to the place. Hang the string lights in a careless way and have fun-filled high-tea party there!

Colorful Corners

Pick one corner in the lawn and add a lot of different things there like fancy pots carved with art, flower-filled planters, fruit-pots or lanterns lighting up the area. This will attract attention and make it look like a fancy spot. DIY tip is that you can use old cans, buckets, and pots to execute this look. Paint them in different colors, add some flowers and greenery, a few strings of light and it’s done! Look out for zig-zag placement of things for a funky vibe. It looks as good as getting customized from a professional designer.

Designing your outdoor lawn area doesn’t call for much effort. Just be as creative as you can be!

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