5 Ways To Make Living Room feel More Lively

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Living room is that space in our house where we tend to spend most of our time laying around or hanging out as a family. It is that space which should feel welcoming, comfortable and personal at the same time. The ambience of the living room should feel and look lively to make yourselves and any other person feel at home. here are some easy ways to make your living room feel more lively.


The best way to bring in that liveliness in your space is by incorporating some plants. You can always use some fake or live indoor plants, it completely depends on your personal preferences. Plants gives such an aesthetic vibe to the whole room. They definitely helps in relaxing and also helps in removing bad toxins from the body. You can also use some succulents in the corners of the room, on the wall or as a center piece on coffee table. By adding some plants in your living space , you can definitely find yourself closer to the nature.


The amount of natural lighting in a room has a direct effect on our mood. Sunlight is a great source of energy, it energizes us and the whole room with those rays of sunlight. Always let the natural lighting reflect in the room. It helps making room feel brighter and lively. Instead of using those bulb fixture during day time, take full use of natural lighting popping in the room.


People often does this mistake of buying the wrong shade of curtain. The wrong shade and texture of the curtain can put the whole room down. So it is very important to get the right shade and texture for curtains. Use light colors and light fabrics for curtain as it helps in preserving natural light. So don’t ever do the mistake of buying a heavy or dark colored curtain if you want your living room to feel lively and brighter.


For some people, keeping the living room bare is their aesthetic. But in actual, it doesn’t look very pleasant to our eyes. Keeping things minimal does sound good, but the space doesn’t feel complete. To make it look lively one can always add some elements which can completely change the whole look of the room. Instead of keeping the walls bare, you can hang some wall art, or your family pictures which eventually makes the room feel more personal. You can also hang in some mirrors, and place it in a position where the sun rays could be reflected in the whole room.


Using the right lighting scheme is an important thing to keep in mind. Having minimum lighting fixture is fine, but you can definitely do better than this as the amount of lighting that will be required during evening will be much more. So you should always get the lighting scheme sorted keeping note of every aspect. You can place lamps on the side tables and can also use some scented candles to make it more appealing.

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