Amazing wall art techniques for flattering looks

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Your walls carry half the essence of your space and this is undeniable. If you wish to add some really warm aesthetics to your space, then you need to work on wall decor as the foremost thing! Wall decor has always been a part of home decor but choosing the right one is a tricky thing to do. There are so many horizons in this regard today that you can pick different textures for different rooms. We have picked some of the best wall art designs that have been tried and tested before. Just pick the right colors and match them with the theme of your rooms. It will turn out to be the most gorgeous thing for your space. Have a look!

Color washed walls

As the name suggests, this kind of wall decor has a tint of two or more colors. The color wash technique is basically using two or more color pigments on a white base. They can either be splashed on the walls in a freehand manner or be painted in a gradient concept. This transition of colors adds a very playful vibe to the overall look of the wall as well as the room you are picking. Color washed walls bring out the life in a room and make it look like the most lively area of the house. The color wash technique is very simple and involves layering a dark or light color over a regular base coat. Then a transition is created to blend them together so that a glaze can be spotted from a distance.

Sponging technique

The sponging technique obviously makes the use of a sponge and how beautifully! This is the most creative one from the lot and also a DIY. You can use a sponge to create this look for your space in no time. What happens is that when you use a sponge dipped in colors, it layers a glaze on the wall and adds a color transition. On a single base color, one or two colors can be used with a sponge dipped in them. Use the sponge vertically, horizontally or diagonally- as per your choice. You can choose any pattern you want and do it yourself. The texture of this sponging technique looks ultra-amazing and adds life to your area. Choose your colors carefully and curate a beautiful wall for your home.

Textured walls

Another great one on the list. Texture and patterns have been a part of wall art for a long time now. They have refused to make an exit from our lives and have survived for all these years. Textured wall art is unique and looks quite real. It makes use of tiny granules that are a part of colorful paints. These tiny granules in paints, when applied on the wall, can be easily spotted and felt with your hands. This texture can be noticed from a distance because of this feature. Textured walls usually give an earthy appearance to the walls because there is a factor of visibility and tangible feel of the particles in it. They can be felt on the wall and usually come in contrast colors.

A regular wallpaper

While the above techniques were associated with paints and wash, this one is a regular wallpaper. It doesn’t involve painting the walls or creating any transition with colors. Simply installing this wallpaper on the base coat is what this technique does. This wallpaper has the potential to add life to the room, even if it is chosen in subtle designs. Choosing the color and pattern of the wallpaper is absolutely your choice and must be matched with the theme of the room. You can pick from a variety of wallpapers like bold prints, graphic patterns, bright hues, and even life-sized scenic art. You can even use metallic wallpaper and create a unique look for your space. Experimentation is always a good idea!

Wall paneling

Wall paneling is an advanced concept and can be easily spotted in hotel lobbies, corridors as well as palaces. This has a royal feel to it and makes your space look much bigger. If you go for this one, it will look so damn elegant and royal that you are going to love it. Your guests are going to be flattered with this one. The idea is to create an illusion of something that doesn’t exist. Wall panels involve adding a stone or brick look to the wall. This is done in a very classy style to create a raw as well as a classic vibe. Another dimension is to create a textured accent wall for an urban look. Usually, one wall or a part of one wall is used to install brick

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