Stunning Sofa styles for your space

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Sofas are the essence of any living room. They provide definition to the area and make for great decor for your space. If you are fond of furniture, you will love to add these stunning sofas in your house. They have been chosen carefully keeping in mind the modular as well as contemporary homes. You can pick these in different colors and match the theme of your gorgeous house. The aesthetics look wonderful with this one and make your home a warm and welcoming place to be. Have a look and choose your pick!

Chesterfield Sofa

As the name suggests, this chesterfield sofa has a lot of royal aura within it. It has a very unique design with cushion work all over. The existence of this style dates back to the 18th century and has been a part of the royal living ever since. You must have spotted this one in royal heritage palaces as well as command army houses. This has a signature style that looks ultra-sophisticated and has a unique charm to it. No matter what color you pick this one in, it will look impressive and flattering every time. Your space will feel lively with this one and will grab all the attention of the guests. With a quilted fabric and cushion design all over, this one looks classy as ever. Place it in your living room and flaunt great aesthetics.

Cabriole Sofa

Say nothing more about this one! This one is truly a symbol of serenity. Although the design and composition element of this sofa is sweet and simple, it has the potential to make everything else look bland. This Cabriole sofa has a very unique design because the upper part curves outwards and the lower part curves inwards. Because of this design, it has attracted a lot of followers. It looks gorgeous in subtle and pastel colors like lavender, whites, blush pink, etc. Exposed in a wooden frame, the arms are also a bit curved. The curation of this sofa is definitely a delight because it looks very British. Place subtle cushions on it and do not go for too much color.

Camelback Sofa

A camelback sofa, as the name suggests, has paid a lot of attention to the back. The back is created with precision and is arched. The center point is higher than the sides and then it curves downwards. The corners again extend upwards which makes for a very designer look. The features of this one are actually pretty amazing because the concept is distinct. The sofa is quite fuller with minimal wooden exposure. The arms and back are rolled or square-shaped in the sofa fabric. Even the legs are sometimes concealed with fabric which makes the overall sofa look very voluminous and bulky. The sitting cushions are bouncy thus giving an inviting aesthetics to the guests who arrive at your place.

Sectional Sofa

As the name suggests, this sectional sofa has divided sections. It is like the attributes of the sofa include function and utility as well. With side tables and ottomans, this one is a complete package and has a lot of utility. You will spot this sectional sofa in a long unending unit with an attached table on the side. This is a modern concept and highlights those features veery fruitfully. These are a good option for modular and contemporary living rooms where there is artwork, false ceilings, and modern designing. It adds to the beauty of the room and looks super amazing. With ultimate interiors, this one has a unique appeal with a powerful appearance as well.

Knole Sofa

As distinct as its name, Knole Sofa has a unique design too. With arms rising high on both sides, this one makes for a very spacious sitting place. You can recline your back against it and feel comfortable in this one. This Knole sofa has a lot of history to it because it dates back to the 16th century. Although the style is quite mainstream, there is a lot of attractiveness to it. This is because the Knole sofa has no prints and patterns, instead, it has solid plain tailoring. This is why it looks very sophisticated. With a high back and angled arms, it looks very distinct. The arms are adjustable and can be used as per the requirement. You must add this touch to your modern house for a charming touch.

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