6 Best Centerpieces for your Coffee Table

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Coffee tables are not only meant to be all functional, but they also serve as major attraction pieces in the living room. So decorating it with a nice centerpiece is key to having a functional yet fancy looking coffee table. There are numerous options available for centerpiece, but we have rounded up a list of a few of them that can instantly make any coffee table look incredible.

  • A TRAY

You can never go wrong with a tray, it is not only functional but can be used and decorated in many different ways. But first, you will have to choose among many styles and designs of tray available in the market. From wooden and hammered to gold and silver, they are available in many different forms and styles. You can place anything on the tray depending on your preference. Few items like books, remote control, succulents, and a vase of flowers are best placed on them.


When in doubt, place a vase of flowers on the table to add some colors to the room. Sometimes the key to getting a perfect coffee table is to keep it simple. And don’t underestimate the power of a vase of flowers, a thing as simple as these flower vases can bring a huge change to the whole vibe of the room.


If you are not a fan of flowers or trays, and want to make your coffee table look out of the box then you can opt for a statement piece. Statement pieces that grab all the right attention make for a great centerpiece. Either a striking sculptural item or uniquely shaped, colored piece, they fit in nicely with the right display of the room. And the best thing about this is, you wouldn’t need to place any more items along with the statement piece as it alone will do the job.


If you are a huge book junkie and want to display the collection of books to everyone else. Then the best way to do so is by placing a stack of books on the coffee table. Either place them in a small bundle or form 2-3 stacks of books so that the table looks less cluttered. You can also decorate them by placing one or two items on them like flowers or an accessory. Just remember to not overwhelm the table with all those books, place the right size and amount of books to make the table look balanced.


If you thought candelabra are meant to be placed on tables during weddings only, then you are mistaken. Nothing looks more beautiful than lit up candles during the evening. They look very exquisite and elegant at the same time. Even if they are placed as a showpiece, they make for a nice décor item. Candelabra with a golden tone to it makes for a great choice if the room has golden elements to it. However, candles look nice too, considering they are available in many different colors, textures, designs, etc. And how it instantly change the vibes of the room when lit up, mainly because of its heavenly fragrance.


If you want to make your coffee table to be used for entertainment purpose then nothing is better than playing board games on it. This space can be used to hang out as a family and to kill that boredom of yours. The best thing about this is, no matter what all are placed on the table, a board game will always grab all the attention and will make a person curious enough to bring that curiosity to the table whether it be a child or an adult. From chess to tic-tac-toe, there are numerous options to consider.

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