Secrets to Perfect Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most essential aspects of every home as it allows the personality of the owner to shine through. It illuminates the entire house and has the potential to transform a space. You can buy the fanciest furniture on earth and install the most expensive lighting but still not get the desired results. This is because there is so much more to perfect lighting than just buying and installing it. One needs to know which lighting looks best in which area of the house, the size of the fixtures, recessed and accent lighting techniques, etc. Though no light can dim the aura of natural lighting, we can still use artificial lighting to replicate the effect.

To create a flattering glow in your home, we have listed some tricks for the perfect lighting. It is important to use different light sources to create a cozy ambiance. Read on to find your way-


Go for Ceiling Lighting

Most of us tend to miss this part of our homes and that’s where we lack our gateway to perfect lighting. Ceiling lighting is an extremely important aspect and we are not talking about chandeliers alone. A simple chandelier can light up an entire room undoubtedly but it cannot create a focus on the important things. You can look for pendant lights that hang from the ceiling or flush-mounted lights. If you don’t like too much on the ceiling, you can conveniently install recessed lights. They are embedded in the ceiling and very small in size. The beam of light aims at a certain spot and thus gives the perfect lighting.


Size of the Fixtures
If you have a larger space, you will need lighting that will send beams of light in all the areas and if you have a smaller space, then small fixtures in every corner will be enough. We all love those fancy chandeliers but we really need to pay attention to details. If a small room has a chandelier on the ceiling, the whole grace of the room, as well as the chandelier, will be distorted. Light sources should be in proportions and that’s why the height of the ceiling and the area of the space matters a lot. Select an average size pendant light if you have a thing for ceiling lights. Look for track lights to create a focus in a larger room.


Light up the Stairs

Stairs are a great way to show off your lighting aesthetics in style! Staircases inside our homes look even more elegant when they have the perfect lighting. You can look for dim lights or embedded lights that flash a cozy vibe as you walk along the stairs. Moreover, they are also a good safety measure at night. Switch off all the lights at night and leave the stair lights on. It will not only enhance the overall look but also become safer to walk in dark. Incandescent lights are prized for their warm tones and are a definite pick for stairways as well as hallways.


Say yes to Bright Hues

There’s no rule that one should always pick elegant lighting in warm tones for a cozy effect. Bright hues are equally flattering and look very impressive when placed in a stylish way. You should not shy away from color when it comes to home decor. Colors are the best way to lighten up the mood and brighten up your home. Any area whether it is a living room, drawing room or your bedroom, pick a set of colorful lights in bulbs or lamps-whatever you like. They add a playful vibe to the entire space and work their charm in the best way possible!


Go for Toe-kick Lighting
Toe-kick or lighting or below the cabinet lighting in layman language is a great way to add warm aesthetics to your place. These can be installed either in the kitchen below the cabinets or on the floor in the corners or parallel to the wall. The point is to have a light that sends its beams from the underside area. This is a great way to create a beautiful ambiance in the house for a night party. Why place a regular lamp in one corner when you can play so much with lighting?
Lighting affects the mood and ambiance of any place. So be creative in this too and you’ll see how your space is transformed in minutes!

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