Easy Ways To Make Your Bed Feel Cozy

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There is no better feeling than jumping on to your bed after all that exhaustion from the day. Soft sheets, cuddly pillow, comfy comforter, everything feels the best when getting a good night’s sleep. We all deserve sleep which is full of warmth and comfort after a laborious day. But in order to feel so, one needs a bed which not only looks cozy but feels too.

We have come up with a few easy ways which can make your bed feel cozier at an instant.


Throw pillows always come handy when looking for extra comfort and something to snuggle up with. They not only look cozy but also feel warm and comfier especially those faux fur ones. They make the bed look more inviting and feel the best during the cold season. Just don’t overwhelm the bed with more than the required number of pillows in an attempt to make the bed cozier and end up making it look less comfortable.



Who doesn’t love an added layer of softness and support on the bed. A mattress topper does this job really well and comes to rescue when a new mattress is out of the question. They are known to be highly effective in enhancing the comfort level of all the mattresses, be it old or new one and helps in relieving back pain. They are available in many different materials like latex, feathers, wool, etc. with memory foam being the best choice amongst customers.



The material and texture of the sheets mostly depends on the weather conditions. While cotton sheets make for a great choice, but linen always remains the best as it can be carried during both the cold and winter season. It tends to get little wrinkly but not as bad as that of cotton sheets. But if you are looking to get cozy feels then nothing is better than flannel sheets during the cold season as it provides the right amount of warmth and comfort to the body. This material traps the heat inside of it, hence feels warmer.


Having the right pillow and pillowcase is as important as having the right mattress. You would need something soft and comfy to hit your head on. From fluffy to firm pillows, they are available in many different variations. And for your pillow go for silk pillowcase for the softest experience ever.
Just don’t go too overboard with the number of pillows, 2 pillows per side would suffice for the needed coziness.



Getting up from bed is quite a difficult job, but that can be made easier if the coziness follows through as soon as you step down of your bed. Placing a bedside rug is always a wise thing to do to give your feet a soft and squishy landing when you wake up. And if you already own a rug which is not that soft, then layering is always the option. Buy a rug which is extremely soft and textured and put it close to the place where you usually get up.



If you like reading or do your work on a laptop when on bed then it’s important you have a comfy headboard to stabilize your back and neck on. A tufted or padded headboard is the best option to consider as they provide the right amount of comfort and support to the back of your body. If buying a headboard is not an option for you then you can easily DIY it by using a wooden board, fabric, glue, buttons, etc.

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