Ways to Add Anthracite Decor in Home

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Gray is one of the common colors used when it comes to decorating the interior of the house and has various kinds of shades that can be used. Anthracite is one of the shades of gray that is on the darker side and has a dramatic aura to it which makes the place feel luxe and grand. Being one of the darkest shades of gray people sometimes find it a bit tedious to add this color and still make the area feel cozy. This is a grand shade that makes the house feel regal and amazing. You can add this to the interior of the house to create a stunning look. You can also add this shade in the form of decorative accents as well.


1: Accent Wall

You can add this shade to the house with the help of an accent wall. You can add this dark shade to the house by painting one wall or some parts of the wall. This makes the place look stylish and chic. You can use this color in your living room, powder room, bedroom, and even your mudroom. This makes the lighter shades come more brightly and enhance the overall look of the room. You can even use this shade and paint the ceilings with it for a more dramatic look.

Accent Wall

2: Anthracite Rug

If you do not want to add this shade in the form of wall paint then you can go for some other options that would make the room feel cozy and relaxing. There are ways you can this color in the room, one of them is by adding a rug to the room. You can use a big rug that can be used and spread all over the floor and can then place the furniture over it. The contrast between the furniture and the rug would make the place look wonderful. This also adds a softness to the place if you have wooden accents or furniture.

Anthracite Rug

3: Bedding

One of the subtle ways to add color to your interior is by using pillows and cushions. You can add anthracite shade to the interior of the house in a cozy and subtle manner by adding it in the form of cushion covers, pillowcases, and other elements such as beddings, duvets, throw sets, etc. You can also use other shades of gray to add to the monochromatic look of the house or can even get other colors to create a soothing contrast in the interior.


4: Anthracite Tiles

Tiles add to the beauty of the room and there are seral places where you can add tiles. You can go for floor tiles or can even get them installed on the walls. You can get these tiles in the shade mentioned above and decorate the space. You can use these tiles in the flooring of the kitchen or can use them on the walls of the shower. You can use these tiles as a backsplash as well. There are several ways you can add anthracite shade tiles to the house.

Anthracite Tiles

5: Sofas and Chairs

With the house being decorated in a light shade, you can add more color to the house with the help of furniture. You can get sofas, chairs, ottomans, headboards, and other elements that require upholstery in this stunning shade and decorate the area. This makes the room have a bit dark theme that goes well with the softness of light shades around. You need to plan before regarding the colors and things in the room so that everything works well and makes the interior cozy.

Sofas and Chairs

These are some of the ways you can add this darker and a bit metallic shade of gray into your interior and make the area look great. There are other ideas and ways you can add this stunning shade that can add drama and depth to your house. You can add other colors to complement this stunner and make your house or room your stunning sanctuary. The list above provides you with some of the ideas where you can add this color to the space without making the space feel overwhelming and making sure that the area feels warm to be at and relaxed.

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