Making Storage Space in the Bathroom

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It does not matter what decor style your bathroom is decorated in when it comes to storage. There are things you need to store and use daily; thus, these products require a place where you can keep them. You cannot just place them near the sink or on the rim of the bathtub. This will be a constant problem as you might knock things off when moving into the bathroom. Thus there is a need to create a storage space that would be a permanent place for your bathroom products. You can create this storage space with the help of shelving. You need to make shelves and cabinets in the bathroom that would provide you with the area and make the surroundings clutter-free.


1: Floating Shelves

If you do not have much space in the bathroom to add cabinets with proper shelves, you can go for the other option known as the floating shelves. These shelves need less space and can be installed in any part of the bathroom. You can get them fixed on the wall next to the sink so that you can keep some of your things on these shelves. They add to the minimalist decor by creating a simple storage area. You can use the shelves that would match the door and other wooden decor in the bathroom.

floating shelves

2: Glass Cabinet

If you have empty space in the bathroom then you can fill the space with the help of cabinets. You can use glass cabinets to add to the bathroom. This will add to the overall space of the bathroom and will also be a great addition when it comes to decor and storage. You can keep a lot of your stuff such as towels, creams, skincare, and so much more in these cabinets. The glass will add to the whole decor and make the bathroom look luxe and grand.

Glass Cabinet

3: Windowsill Shelf

You can use the area you have around the window as an extra space in the bathroom. This space can be used by adding a ledge that would make you an additional area where you can keep your products and can also keep decor elements such as plants, vases, and other things. These areas are also used to keep extra things. You can use a basket and keep all the products needed in that basket and place it on the windowsill shelf.

Windowsill Shelf

4: Over the Toilet Shelves

There are many ways you can utilize the area over the toilet. The area over the flush is vacant and can be utilized in a great manner. You can place shelves over it and keep the toiletries there or can go with the unique way by placing a ladder and using it as decoration and storage. You can keep toilet paper, towels, air fresheners, and other things on these ladder shelves. These are easy to put and you do not need much help or tools to place them in the kitchen.

Over the Toilet Shelves

5: Alcove Shelves

There are times when you have alcoves in the bathroom. They are built-in in the bathroom and serve no purpose whatsoever. However, you can make them useful by adding shelves in these alcoves and using them. If the alcove is small then you can use it as it is and use the area to place your products and other things such as candles etc. but if the alcove is large then you can add wooden planks to create some additional shelves.

Alcove Shelves

Products in the bathroom can make the room look cluttered and messy and that can be resolved with the help of ideas provided to you in the list above. These ideas can be used in the bathroom to create a beautiful bathroom where there is no mess and the products are assigned a place where you can place them after using them thus you would not be knocking off anything when moving around the space. This shelving in the bathroom makes the bathroom look better as well. You can add things such as a small plant, vase, basket and so many other things that would enhance the entire look of the bathroom. Add these shelves in the bathroom to elevate the area.

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