Top evergreen flowering plants you can plant in your garden

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Flowers add beauty and color to any place. They make the place vibrant and fragrant with the natural fragrance they produce. The garden might look plain with just greenery around. Add some pop of colors by planting some flowering plants so that the flowers make the place brighter, fresher, and livelier. What’s better than planting evergreen flowering plants that are going to flower the whole year round and keep the garden colorful and lively.

Do you have a garden and wish to plant some beautiful flowers? Are you confused as to what flower should you plant in your garden? If so then look at the list we made for you to know what flowers you can plant that will elevate the look of your garden and provide you with alluring, vibrant flowers that will help you feel calm and relaxed when looking at them.

1: Rhododendrons

Rhododendron is a magical and beautiful flowering plant that flowers all year round and has these beautiful flowers that are of all different colors such as lavender, pink, white, blue, and others. These evergreen plants are from the shrub family. They grow in full or partial sun. they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and grow into these wonderful bell-shaped flowers that are bright, vibrant, and sometimes even fragrant. They have some thousand species and can be divided into subgroups. They are not high maintenance and can easily grow in your garden.

2: Mountain Laurel

This can be said to be one of the most attractive flowering plants. This too comes from the shrub family. This plant has beautiful leaves and produces a lot of alluring flowers that are either in pink or white hues depending upon the conditions they grow and the variety you are growing. They grow best in light shade or soft sunlight. All they need is a little care and they bloom beautifully. Water it regularly and properly and take care of the soil and plant for beautiful bloom.

3: Winter Heath

This plant blooms every year making it a desirable plant for the garden. There are many heath plants and just like other heathers, this winter heather has both beautiful flowers and amazing leaves and plants. These plants blossom white, pink, and red- or orange-colored flowers that look amazing and make the surroundings look bright and beautiful. Make sure to take care of the soil in which it is planted and water it according to needs and requirements. This beautiful flower should be in everybody’s eye range and thus should be planted where everyone can see it.

4: Periwinkle

Periwinkle or Vinca minor is a common flower that can easily be seen in parks and gardens. This flower comes in many colors. One of the main advantages of planting this plant is that it can spread across the area you planted it and can cover the area provided without any human help. This plant can easily be planted and is easy to maintain. This evergreen plant covers the area throughout the year with its bright leaves and blossom into beautiful flowers in spring making the garden colorful and fresh. If you need a large area of your garden to be covered with periwinkle all you need to do is plant some of these at some distance from each other and see how they cover the area around them.

5: Lenten Rose

In contrary to its name, Lenten Rose does not belong to the rose family. This is named so because it produces beautiful pink flowers that are similar to roses. These flowers are such a delicate shade of oink. If you need some pop of color in your garden then add this plant into your garden. They grow well in the dark or shaded areas and need a good amount of water and nutrients to grow. Although after some time they do not need much care.

The above are some of the top evergreen flowering plants you can plant in your garden to make your garden look fresh and full of life. You can even plant them in pots and keep them on your balcony or patio. These flowers look magnificent and make any place magical. Make your house and garden look magical with these stunning flowers. You can plant your favorite flowers and make the garden you want to. Install some garden accents and beautiful lights to make it more magical.

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