Guide to style your house in English cottage style

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English cottage style is more inclined towards the soft, slow life of the countryside. This means a soft and warm color palette that adorns the interior of the room with gardens and yards and meadows surrounding it. Cottage design is about bringing the countryside into the house and experiencing the beauty of nature and the comfort it brings with it. This design brings calmness and soothing energy with itself. This type of décor inspired the making of the cottage core aesthetic and now people are dressing up and making their houses’ interior in this aesthetic.

If you want to make your house look like an English cottage and want to make your house feel cozy and relaxed then look at the following list to know about what to do to make the place feel like an English cottage.

1: Warm colors and patterns

This cottage aesthetic is inclined towards a warmer color palette and multiple prints. The curtains, bedsheets, covers, and others are usually made up of printed textiles and warm bright colors. All this is used to make the place look homey and warm. The walls are painted in warmer shades of neutral to serve the same purpose. You can mix and match different types of colors and prints if you like. Cottage aesthetic means being comfortable and cozy and does not mean being perfect.

2: Comfortable furniture

As mentioned above English cottage style is all about being warm and comfortable. It is about making the place cozy enough to make everyone feel relaxed and at peace. How can one feel comfortable and cozy if there is no comfortable furniture? Therefore, comfortable furniture is a must in English cottage décor. You do not need some lavish furniture. All you need is some comfortable sofas and chairs in the living room, a cozy bed in the bedroom, and some other furniture that will make the palace homey.

3: No need to be extremely organized

Cottage aesthetic is leaned toward being comfortable and relaxed and therefore there is no need to put everything in a set place. Things need not be properly organized. You can be a bit messy and unorganized. This is the beauty of this aesthetic. It makes the person living there feel at ease and warm. You do not need to make the place look perfect. This is not the motive of this style. You can collect stuff from different stores and times and can present it together in your house. English cottages used to have all sorts of items from different times making this style imperfectly perfect.

4: Have some space for plants and flowers

You are talking about making your house look like an English cottage from the inside. Here you cannot forget about the plants and flowers. They hold a lot of importance in this style as cottages are covered with flowers and greenery. Decorate the front and backside of your house with some evergreen plants and some beautiful flowering plants to make the place look vibrant and alluring. You can decorate the garden with some garden accents such as lamps, statues, a bench, etc.

5: DIY or handmade décor accents

Cottage aesthetic means being close to nature. This means trying and making décor accents by yourself and decorating the place with them. You can make some vintage stuff using the items available to you and decorate them in your house. Put some mirrors in the house to make it look spacious. You can decorate the frame of the mirror according to the theme of the room. Use some flowers and arrange them into a beautiful arrangement to put them in your room or on the dining or centre table. You can make a photo frame or even a photo gallery on one of the walls.

Now you know how can you make your house look and feel like a cottage and have some calmness and coziness. This style is the complete opposite of the modern, contemporary style of living and décor. Decorate your place in this style and create for yourself a small reading corner. Enjoy reading a good book while enjoying the scenery outside. Enjoy the feeling of warmth and coziness at your house away from the fast city life. Enjoy making your house like a little, sweet cottage.

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